Posted 29 мая 2020,, 13:53

Published 29 мая 2020,, 13:53

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

The prosecutor's office will check why the tons of drugs against cancer were located in a landfill near Moscow

The prosecutor's office will check why the tons of drugs against cancer were located in a landfill near Moscow

29 мая 2020, 13:53
The prosecutor's office of the Moscow region started the checking after the TV-report in which journalists tell about the dump consisting of the expensive cancer, tuberculosis and HIV drugs expired found near Sergiyev Posad.

Almost all discovered drugs are preferential, that is, they are given to the sick for free. The state acquires them from the budget.

“The Sergiev Posad city prosecutor’s office was instructed to conduct the audit. The verification process will be monitored by the regional prosecutor’s office”, - the regional prosecutor’s message said.

A few days ago on the TV channel Russia 1 there was a story about a spontaneous dump with medicines discovered on the border of the Moscow Region and the Vladimir Region. Expired, expensive medications were thrown right into the field and set on fire. The price in pharmacies for one of the discarded drugs reaches 63 thousand rubles. A local activist estimates that nearly six million rubles worth of medicine are lying in the trash. According to him, medical waste is brought here regularly at night.

Expert in pharmacological safety Vladimir Anikeev suggested that too many drugs were purchased at the expense of budget funds, their deadline had expired and they decided to get rid of the rest. “If they were purchased with budget funds, it turns out that the money was wasted, and the patients did not receive the necessary therapy. There could be an attempt to conceal these volumes, which were overdue, and in order to avoid holding officials accountable, the drugs could be taken out and hidden, ”he said in an interview with Russia 1.

The audit was also launched in the Investigative Committee. “The investigation will have to identify the people who threw away the medical waste and the reasons why the drugs did not reach the patients on time. Based on the results of the audit, a procedural decision will be made”, - the regional Investigative Committee said in a statement.