Posted 29 мая 2020,, 08:45

Published 29 мая 2020,, 08:45

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TV found out that the genius is allowed to beat children

TV found out that the genius is allowed to beat children

29 мая 2020, 08:45
And the president of Russia - to arrange parades and move the date of the end of the Great Patriotic War, when and where he wants, because he is a national leader.

Sergey Mitrofanov

This is not to say that the television week was very interesting and tense in terms of controversy. The topics were worked out as sour as footcloths. But in a few subjects a spark of genuine originality flashed. Somehow...

Putin gave the order

In general, it would seem, what is surprising? The president is supposed to give orders. But, in fact, there are nuances. Most often, presidents write decrees rather than give orders. And this makes some sense. Decrees still have a time lag and their implementation is ambiguous, the responsibility for them is not the same as for orders. Take, for example, decrees related to “national projects”. Their execution is not instantaneous, but stretched out in time. Obviously, no one is demanding that 25 million jobs be seriously taken by such a number and that labor productivity will actually increase. How Lenin was impossible to demand that in this way we defeat capitalism, as he promised. Someday, perhaps, we will create and increase it. But, certainly, not today and not in a pandemic. Or maybe never at all, and they say "Oops!"

However, the president’s order is obviously necessary at the outbreak of hostilities.

In Syria. Or as in recent times - in Georgia. Although then there was another president - a “fake", and who gave the real order, we do not know, moreover, these orders were not public.

I personally do not remember Putin publicly ordering any offensive to be launched. Even the Crimea or the Donbass was not captured by army units, but by unidentified “polite people,” while Putin was left with nothing to do with it. But by virtue of which, I think, he himself developed a frustrating deficit in demonstrating absolute power.

Why possess the truly unlimited capabilities of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief if they cannot be demonstrated to our people? Who is he, Napoleon or went out to smoke?

And finally there was a reason. Military Victory Parade. Which failed on May 9 and was therefore moved to God knows. To restart the process of cultivating national pride, a concrete life-giving Order was now required. And to define a parade for June 24 with the words “I order!”, Organizing a new day off on this occasion, is, of course, very cool. What distinguished Putin from the whole series of Soviet leaders and set him on a par with the great Stalin. And even higher than Stalin, since he moved the ending of WW2 as well - it seems that this also paid to Stalin.

And scenographically it looked like this.

Quarantined, Putin with metal in his voice gave an order to the monitor with Shoigu, as in star wars. And they could have represented Shoigu as a hologram - it would have been even cooler.

In the studio, the upcoming “holy parade for all of us” was discussed in a familiar audience of experts who, of course, were placed in circumstances that could only be admired and agreed on this subject. The only thing that could be murmured regarding the opposition was that the parade might negatively affect the epidemiological situation in the country. But this, of course, is nonsense in comparison with its world-historical significance.

And indeed, if a country wants to hold parades, then this is clearly unstoppable. Who are we to criticize this?

Eduard Uspensky is a bad person, but a good writer

Not often come across such delicious stories on ethical themes, which happened to the case of the award named after Eduard Uspensky.

The problem was revealed in connection with an open letter to the daughter of the writer, who published the facts of the personal life of the writer. According to her, the famous children's writer was a bad person, did not like children at all, drank and beat his daughter, so calling a new literary prize by his name is somehow not very correct, and possibly anti-pedagogical.

Type "what does the younger generation teach the personal life of Eduard Uspensky?"

The public was divided into two camps. One supported the daughter, the other - the writer. According to TV presenter E. Popov, "Uspensky's theme blew up Russia". One ideological line was based on the assertion that the writer's work is separable from his personal life. According to the director of the Russian State Children's Library, Maria Vedenyapina, the library will not remove the name of Eduard Uspensky from the name of the award, since it does not mean the personal qualities of the writer, but the contribution he made to the literature. “Over the past 50 years he has been the main storyteller, the heroes of these tales are still with us. If we start from these positions to consider everyone whose name they call bonuses or something else, we will dig in all the human ups and downs”, - she said.

The second line clearly calculates the Western campaign of women against a certain harassment of men in the past, which subjected many well-known media figures to public censure (Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman...). It is not a shame to insert here and Assumption. Obviously, if there had not been this campaign in the West, it is unlikely that Russian women, together with the daughter of the writer Uspensky, drew attention to the harassment and raised their voices in Russia.

The problem was discussed in our favorite studio “60 minutes”, but usually the host already has a prepared ethical solution that he pushes through the controversy of his guests. And it obviously consists in the fact that superhumans, super-Russians are allowed a little more than ordinary bruises. Therefore, a whole series of examples was prepared, showing that many brilliant writers disgusted behaved in their personal lives, but without them, world literature was as if poor and wretched.

Bulgakov aimed at his wife with a gun. Mayakovsky behaved badly with women. Something was wrong with Alexander Blok's sexuality. What can I say, even Tolstoy, even Tolstoy ... So Russian children should ignore that E. Uspensky beat the children (“Uspensky talked with his inner child!), And continue to calmly admire his Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena, without falling into frustration that The literary prize bears the name of a home tyrant. They, the great ones, contributed more to the culture than did harm to any individual.

The position was supported by almost all those present, with the exception of the democrat Rybakov. Even a political scientist from Ukraine, Andrei Okara, offered his daughter to forgive her father, and then, they say, everything will be forgotten to everyone's satisfaction. A professor at the Higher School of Economics, Maria Steinman, came up with the Nietzschean idea that talent is superior to the person to whom it is bestowed (see the first chapter of our review).

My opinion: obviously, there is a certain truth about this. However, it acts exactly until it is publicly opened. And here it obviously opened up.