Posted 29 мая 2020,, 22:56

Published 29 мая 2020,, 22:56

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Photo of the day: “The brains begin to melt after 15 minutes of such a flight...”

Photo of the day: “The brains begin to melt after 15 minutes of such a flight...”

29 мая 2020, 22:56
The first passengers of the post-quarantine era tested all the delights of the air travel under the new rules on themselves.

Numerous photos of the aircraft salons of different airlines appeared on the Web.

For example, IndiGo’s first quarantine flight looks like this.

And one of the bloggers, flying the other day from Paris to Amsterdam, shared his, frankly, not very pleasant feelings:

- Since the ticket was not (reduction in the number of departures) the company bought me a seat in business class... But on board the Air France do not feed at all in this shize... For my business - class flight attendant offered me a glass of water... Flight Paris - Amsterdam - a little over an hour, but this hour seemed like an eternity in absolutely uncomfortable conditions... After 15 minutes of flying in a mask, you feel like brains melt... Complete nonsense and absolutely unhealthy atmosphere ... It seems that it’s easier to die from this flight than from Covid... Stupidity is complete! Absolutely negative impression of visiting Charles de Gaulle (Paris airport, approx.ed) and flying aboard Air France during the Saint Covid”. True, upon arrival in Amsterdam you can relax a bit. The mask regime in the Netherlands is voluntary. 70-75% of people without masks! Although there is little work at Schiphol Airport, the famous Duty Schools are definitely closed, as well as cafes and restaurants. If I hadn’t packed myself up with antidepressants at the Minsk airport, it would not have been possible to relieve the stress of a terrible, absolutely stupid in nature and dangerous to health flight to Amsterdam via Paris... France is stupid ! Now I can imagine why people in Italy and Spain could die if they had an even stricter regime... This is either great stupidity or a deliberate action to create mass hysteria and eliminate a weak population! Personally, I definitely don’t want to like theirs... Upon arrival at the place of work, I met a colleague who flew through Stockholm - cheerful, packed and happy ... So you say: Glory to Sweden, Glory to Belarus !!! And above all - Glory to the mind!!!

However, readers of these revelations did not share the author’s co-dissident sentiments:

- I think you should try the ventilator on yourself. I am sure it is more convenient than a mask.

- Forgot to add “Glory to Dagestan” - they also have everything completely free and under control, especially statistics... Well, almost...