Posted 30 мая 2020,, 07:37

Published 30 мая 2020,, 07:37

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Renat Karimov: “The Ministry of Internal Affairs is trying to put electronic collars on migrants”

Renat Karimov: “The Ministry of Internal Affairs is trying to put electronic collars on migrants”

30 мая 2020, 07:37
The discourse on the “digital concentration camp” is once again becoming relevant. Interior Ministry experts have proposed creating a digital profile of migrants in a special application that will be mandatory for foreigners to install on their smartphones.

Renat Karimov, chairman of the Central committee of the labor migrant union, commented on the proposal at the request of NI.

“I believe that this initiative is completely lawless. Naturally, we take such proposals negatively. It reminds me of a GPS collar worn on a dog. Information about foreign citizens is in the central database of registration of foreign citizens who have been working on the territory of the Russian Federation for several years. There is information about the location, information about his patent and patent payment. If a person received a patent, then he is healthy to the extent that the Russian government establishes health measures. And some other diseases - his own business - his family, wife, parents. I hope that there is still medical secrecy, and it is wrong for police in a democracy to invade this area.

Moreover, in this initiative of unnamed experts the phrase “migrant social trust rating” was heard. And what is it? I have a very high social confidence rating for migrants; a nationalist-minded citizen of the Russian Federation has a very low social confidence rating for migrants.

We want to appeal to the citizens of Russia. Be carefull! Today they will introduce a rating of social trust in migrants, and tomorrow a rating of social trust in a citizen of the Russian Federation will appear. Today, in the rating of trust in a migrant, information about his state of health, and tomorrow in the rating of trust in a citizen of Russia, information about his trustworthiness, whom he voted for, whether he supports the "general line of the party".

True, while this is an initiative of unnamed experts, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has not come up with a similar one. Perhaps the soil is being probed. Citizens will swallow - ratings will be introduced. They will be indignant - they will explain that they are experts, such is their work.

I want to recall the situation with the application of social monitoring and the scandals associated with it. People received tens of thousands of fines for acts that they did not commit. The application works very badly. The security of personal data is not ensured. The database with information about sick COVID from this application fell into the hands of scammers.

We are very wary of such "electronic collars". Yes, humanity is heading towards digitalization, but not in this way. There must be civil society oversight. First you need to educate this civil society, and then implement something.

Nevertheless, we hope that this proposal will not be supported. The authorities do not put a penny on society and human rights to such an extent. In general, there is only one association, and it is extremely unpleasant: obliging a migrant to have an application with personal data on a smartphone is not much different from the sewn yellow star of David, which all Jews had to wear during the Second World War. Only at the time of Hitler the star was sewn manually, and now - progress, can be downloaded to your smartphone..."