Posted 2 июня 2020,, 16:41

Published 2 июня 2020,, 16:41

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Golem in law: why psychopathy in Russia has become the norm

Golem in law: why psychopathy in Russia has become the norm

2 июня 2020, 16:41
For some 20 years Russia has plunged into the abyss of regression - from economic and political to cultural. And it's not just words. Behind all this are concrete personal stories and human tragedies.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

I would like, like Bosch, to bring out a picture of Russian degradation, to fix it, if only so that it never repeats itself. Not to mention that such truly clinical observations cannot but occupy the writer's mind.

If Mamleyev described the otherworldly semi-Soviet psycho golem, I would like to describe the post-Soviet monster, which he became only 20-30 years after the formal fall of the walls of the Soviet vivarium. And here in the description I do not need either metaphysics or excessive literary imagery - we observe developed infernorealism in action. The post-Soviet beast-like golem, devoid of former social restrictions, freed from reflections, boldly strides along the “Russian field of experiments”. And if the Mameleev’s "connecting rod" was a separate personality, a countercultural psychopath, an outcast, then the "connecting rod" is a modern - quite a socialized character.

The main components of the Soviet style, the Soviet as a phenomenon, in principle, are tastelessness, mediocrity, absurdity, relationships built on a false hierarchy and pseudo-unfeasibility. This is a concentrate of all the worst collected around the world. In fact, the Soviet project is the last bastion of cave traditionalism and creatureliness as the lowest form of being. And due to the fact that he is completely directed to the past, he has no future in fact.

The socio-political crisis, surprisingly coinciding with the fall of man, created a new anthropomorphic type, legalized by indifferent and exhausted public opinion. In order to describe it, I will resort to specific examples without naming names. I already casually mentioned in one of my past materials about "Agafya Lykova" of national journalism. In addition to her murderously described killing of her own goat, which has become practically a different family, she daily surprises Facebook readers with outright psychopathic rudeness, insults that, oddly enough, go against the backdrop of regular publications in the central domestic media. The story of the killed goat is pure latent sadism. She just wanted to kill her. About the lack of products to the public came up with. And, yes, kill in public. As a rule, we believe that psychopathology is manicism a la Chikatilo. But here everything is worse. The usual maniac is clear and predictable. And here everything is covered by “culture” and formally is within the framework of the “norm”. Well, she didn’t commit a crime!

Individual pearls are worth quoting in full. For example, a recent post: “I didn’t go to sleep. I won’t fall asleep until I share. I used to write about unpleasant and unobvious aspects of beauty. For example, heels indirectly, but almost guaranteed to lead to hemorrhoids. Overweight women have less daily vaginal discharge than thin women.

And now - another, absolutely outrageous fact. If you see a woman with under-aged elastic breasts, elastic skin, thick hair, most likely she suffers from constipation. There are two reasons for this conclusion: firstly, high estrogen (and all of the above is just high estrogen) leads to constipation, and secondly, constipation leads to the circulation of estrogen, its level rises and leads to new constipation. And also - to a number of estrogen-dependent tumors, primarily breast and ovarian cancer. In hormoneally healthy women, hair thinns with age, and the chest stretches to the floor. In estrogen - pulls in a coffin. So... Good night!"

It is written as a sort of hysterical conclusion against the background of long and inconsistent female reflections on the topic of their own appearance and the appearance of other women who are accused neither more nor less than the desire to “buy a man for themselves!” While it was a question of ordinary salon cosmetic procedures. You do not have to be a subtle psychologist to understand and state the deep motivations of a psychopath journalist. When things like this got away with it, because, as I wrote above, the author was legalized by the central media, she began to confess to “moral crimes”. For example - “Sometimes they tell me that I am well educated. Not true - I'm well-educated! And she was able to get out of the provincial vegetation primarily thanks to these three men. One of which I planted".

I am by no means a moralist, but such self-recognition speaks not so much about the immorality of the author (and it never happens in the life of stories, perhaps that person really deserved punishment). But here the author probes the limits of what is permissible, says the rollicking “I can!”, Like Dr. Myasnikov, who recently admitted that “you can kill for an insult”.

In fact, Myasnikov is not talking about murder. He emphasizes his status. He says that he can do something that cannot be done to others. So the journalist tearing to the heights of the local pseudo-hierarchy shows that she is allowed something that is inaccessible to others. The entire Soviet and post-Soviet social structure is built on similar deviant show-offs. Thieves and not so psychopaths are always eager for power. These dostoevsky trembling creatures that have a “right” issued to them like special rations in a metaphysical district committee.