Posted 2 июня 2020,, 16:34

Published 2 июня 2020,, 16:34

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Passengers complain about vouchers introduced by Aeroflot and non-refund of the tickets

Passengers complain about vouchers introduced by Aeroflot and non-refund of the tickets

2 июня 2020, 16:34
Thousands of passengers cannot refund money for tickets for canceled Aeroflot flights, despite multibillion-dollar subsidies issued by the state to the carrier to compensate for losses from the coronavirus.

The airline nods to the law, which was recently adopted in the State Duma, which makes it possible to compensate for the loss of passengers with an "equivalent".

Julia Suntsova

On May 14, at a meeting dedicated to supporting the aviation industry and air travel, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the allocation of more than 23 billion rubles to Russian airlines to maintain stability during the coronavirus epidemic.

Three airlines of the Aeroflot group (PJSC Aeroflot, JSC Avikompaniya Rossiya and JSC Aviation Company Aurora) receive from them 7.89 billion rubles in subsidies - to compensate for losses caused by a pandemic, Rosaviatsia explained at the same time, adding that the main The national carrier was the first to file documentation for state compensation.

Aeroflot apparently deciphered the concept of “maintaining stability” in its own way, and good customer relations were not included here. Instead of returning money to passengers for tickets burned out through no fault of their own, the company distributed vouchers to everyone. By the way, to get them, in the midst of an epidemic, you need to go to offices and push around in lines.

Shortly before this, Aeroflot did not spare 8.2 million rubles for the anniversary of the Aircraft Maintenance Department. A luxurious celebration with 800 guests and VIPs from among senior officials was to be held at the Olympiets Hotel on June 6. The documentation said that the customer organizes the event "due to an accident, other emergency situations of natural or man-made nature, force majeure, if necessary, urgent medical intervention, as well as to prevent the threat of these situations." The purchase was subsequently canceled.

The priorities of the main Russian carrier caused a flurry of criticism among passengers.

A petition called “Aeroflot, get our money back! We do not need vouchers!” appeared on”

The author of the public appeal, Kristina Tuzlukova, is indignant that during the epidemic, when many people are left without means of livelihood, Aeroflot airline does not compensate for canceled tickets with paper, but travel agencies freeze payment on deposits.

“I ask you to support and inform Aeroflot (and at the same time other airlines and tour operators) that not everyone agrees to receive vouchers and leave money on deposit. There are people who want to get their money back Large companies believe that they have the right to act as they please, and not to pay any attention to us, mere mortals. People must have a choice. We ask you to return YOUR money, we ask for nothing more and do not want to. Aeroflot assured me that they will return the money to the card with which the payment was made. So far, nothing has been obtained. Having called once again to the Aeroflot call center, I found out that it was decided not to return the money. I said that I do not need vouchers. The answer was brief: "In this case, we can’t help you," the petition says.

Recall that the replacement of the refund for tickets with certificates with a face value corresponding to the amount of the paid freight, airlines, water and rail carriers began to lobby with the onset of the pandemic in Russia. Aeroflot initiated the process. On May 22, the State Duma approved the bill introduced by the government and legalized the right of carriers in emergency situations, emergency situations and under high alert to unilaterally amend the terms of the contract of carriage with the passenger or refuse to fulfill it and compensate for the cost of the ticket. The carriers, therefore, received legal grounds for transferring the equivalent of funds to the passenger’s personal account (so that he could spend it on a new ticket), or issuing a voucher for a future trip.

Elena Prokhrova purchased tickets from Aeroflot for a trip to Europe on February 6, but due to the growing epidemic of coronavirus, she decided to postpone them to later dates, and with a noticeable surcharge, she rebooked the tickets for May 1-10 to Greece. At the same time, the woman took care of non-flying insurance. On April 9, she called Aeroflot to find out how to arrange a refund in connection with the cancellation of all flights to Europe independent of her. The operator initially agreed to return the money spent on tickets and accepted an application for work, according to which, a refund should have been made within 30 days. Later, Elena saw in the press reports about the upcoming bill on vouchers. When re-calling, the operator informed the client that monetary compensation can not be expected, although the latter did not hear any legal grounds. Insurance also turned out to be fake.

"Aeroflot refuses to refund me for tickets for canceled flights, and I am afraid that they will be fed breakfast until the adoption of the law on the reverse action. Despite the fact that the legislative initiative on vouchers has not yet been approved by the President and has not been published, the airline, rejecting all my requirements, already refers to it. Call center employees rudely reply that Aeroflot has unilaterally changed the return policy. Representatives of the carrier ignore all questions about the grounds for such a decision”, - says Elena.

The most popular Russian services for airline passengers, “Airlines.Inform” and the Vinsky Forum are filled with negative reviews from Aeroflot customers. Everyone has one story: the airline refuses to return money for tickets for flights canceled on its own initiative, contrary to the terms of the client agreement.

A user with the nickname Guest planned to fly with her husband to the Italian capital from April 7-13. They bought return tickets St. Petersburg-Rome-St. Petersburg for 46.4 thousand rubles back in February from an official partner of the airline Tutu.tu (LLC NTT).

When air traffic between Russia and Italy was suspended due to the coronavirus, the girl demanded a refund of the money spent on tickets.

“I will make a reservation that the tariff was RETURNABLE - that is, I additionally paid 6,000 rubles to protect myself in case of no-fly and not lose money. Endless correspondence with both companies began. The answer was one - wait. I'm waiting. April 7 Aeroflot automatic call - your flight is canceled! Of course, once the country is closed for entry. So, it is given: tickets with RETURN RATE are bought from passengers, !!! the airline itself cancels the flight. The puzzle asks what should happen in this case? Of course, refund the full cost of tickets! I start to fuck again Aeroflot and - where is my money? Aeroflot sends me to an intermediary again. The mediator is silent for a long time, referring to the workload due to the pandemic and the extension of the waiting period for answers, ”says the passenger.

The other day, in response to her demands, she received a letter with the title "Special Return Procedure":

“Aeroflot Airlines introduced special rules for returning tickets due to the crisis situation (about them below). All returns are made directly to the airline. At the moment, the airline offers to receive the cost of your tickets in the form of a certificate for future purchases. The certificate can be used for 3 years to issue tickets for airline flights. If money return is important to you, then you can file a claim on the Aeroflot website. The decision on the refund is made by the airline. ”

But the client needs a refund, not a certificate, and she draws up a claim on the airline’s website with a request to return the funds in accordance with the conditions for purchasing a ticket at a refund rate.

In a couple of days, she receives a second answer - already directly from the carrier:

“Thank you for contacting and choosing our airline. The specified ticket is issued through an agent network. In accordance with the rules of the airline, voluntary changes and returns are made according to the rules of the tariff at the place of purchase. ”

The circle closes.

“It seems to me, or are they making an idiot out of me?” Gentlemen, what kind of football ?! If you offer to receive a certificate for flights even to those who originally bought non-refundable tickets, then what happens with a refundable fare? Based on what failure? You violate all my rights, ”the passenger comments. She has already notified Aeroflot of the start of the trial.

“On April 4, 2020, I applied for a refund for canceled tickets. When contacted, I was informed that a refund is made within 5-30 business days. To date, all the deadlines have passed, but the money has not been returned. They say on the phone that the terms of the refund have changed, but they don’t say how much. I consider this wording of the answer unacceptable and Aeroflot must pay interest for using other people's money. This situation is beyond reason, no bank will give you money for an indefinite period, ”says Olga Shch.

“Flights were canceled by Aeroflot. 70 days have passed since the registration of the forced return. Aeroflot accounting has not processed the refund. Money not returned. The ticket was purchased more than 4 months ago. All this time, money is in circulation with Aeroflot. Operators like monkeys - "the waiting time for a return has been increased, there are no specific deadlines." I don’t see another way, how to recover through the court demanding additional compensation payments for the illegal use of other people's money and the material and moral damage inflicted, ” Natalya writes .

Aeroflot’s indifference does not bypass famous people. The other day, publicist and playwright Viktor Shenderovich spoke about his experience in communicating with the country's main air carrier. As a customer who got on a flight that was canceled due to an epidemic of coronavirus, he also entered into a long correspondence with the airline regarding compensation for a burned ticket.

The carrier never returned the money to him, but as a loyal customer heaped up with advertising and "bonuses."

“The Aeroflot-bonus newsletter has just arrived with an offer to use Rosneft's gas stations ... Ay, Aeroflot. You owe me money for two canceled flights - and at first (with the help of an automatic woman) they asked me to get into a position and wait, and then just disappeared from the horizon. You would not be reminded of yourself until you return my money. What is Rosneft? what bonuses? ”, Shenderovich commented.

Passengers who chose the lesser of evils (as they thought then) - light vouchers instead of long knocking out the required refund in the courts - already testify to the fascinating hurdle race arranged by Aeroflot.

“I called Aeroflot again today. They confused me even more with these vouchers. I have two applications for vouchers, and both cannot be found. They say that it’s too early. The canceled flight on June 14 was rescheduled for June 15 automatically and costs as active. Then I was told that the voucher must wait 15 working days, that is, it will come after my flight! Therefore, so that the ticket does not burn out automatically and doesn’t go to any archives there, you must also call Aeroflot and voluntarily withdraw your reservation! In general, someone explain to me in Russian what to do so that nothing burns out, ”says Julia.

Novye Izvestia sent an information request to Aeroflot with a request to clarify the rules for compensation for losses incurred by passengers in connection with the cancellation of flights by the carrier due to the coronavirus epidemic. At the time of publication, no response was received from the company.