Posted 4 июня 2020,, 08:55

Published 4 июня 2020,, 08:55

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Larisa Bravitskaya: “The dragon is inside all of us”

Larisa Bravitskaya: “The dragon is inside all of us”

4 июня 2020, 08:55
Recent events, of which we have been directly involved, increasingly suggest that I have already read about all this somewhere... there is some kind of literary deja vu.

Larisa Bravitskaya, actress, screenwriter

As you know, talented writers, in addition to the literary gift, certainly have the gift of providence.

It seems to me that Sergei Semyonovich Sobyanin also likes to read books.

Otherwise, how to explain that all his innovations, the prospects for the development of Moscow, as well as the means that he chose to achieve his Napoleonic plans, seemed to have come down from the pages of literary works.

For example, the novel by Stanislav Lem “Futurological Congress”, written in 1971 and which became the prototype of the film “The Matrix”.

The novel presents a talented perspective of the future, where humanity is in the illusory world of virtual reality, where the ruling circles have immersed it through chemicals.

You read, and the project "Smart City - 2030" is rising in front of your eyes.

And when you get to the final of the book, you understand what a catastrophe is approaching us in the near future, if this project already begun by Sobyanin is not covered with a copper basin.

But you know what impresses me the most?

We Muscovites, unexpectedly finding ourselves in the Moscow concentration camp, where we were digitized, allowed walking in muzzles and gloves around our houses according to a strict schedule and prescribed regime, we did not rebel.

We humbly continue to write out digital passes for ourselves, regularly pay monstrous fines, going out into the street to put on more muzzles and wait for Lancelot, who will come and free us from the yoke of the Dragon.

Yes, yes, it is the second work that I recall looking at what is happening - this is the play of Eugene Schwartz's “Dragon”.

But if you remember, at Schwartz most people were not particularly and wanted to be released. They believed that their life was quite bearable, and to fight the Dragon is to go to certain death, it is better to live in slavery.

The main thing is to reconcile, endure, and there it will get used to.

In Orthodoxy, humility is the main virtue, and obedience is higher than fasting and prayer.

But where is the line when humility and obedience of a free man ends and a slave is born, gratefully kissing the master’s hand, deftly tightening the noose around his neck?

The mayor’s actions today are:

- forcibly keep us under house arrest,

- control our movements,

- destroy personal, family relationships,

- the forthcoming mandatory vaccination with a dubious drug, threatens the sacred gift of life,

- offend religious feelings, forcing to believe that the coronavirus is stronger than Christ.

Why believe it, God has already been replaced by a virus!

Thus, power forces us to retreat from Christ and his Church.

Closed for fifty days, Orthodox churches, persecution and humiliating surveillance, which we arranged throughout this time, are proof of this.

You won’t believe it, but all these mayor’s actions, without publicly explaining the reasons, are listed in the Fundamentals of the Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church, or rather, in the Church and State section (section III, paragraphs 5 and 6).

In this section, it is written in black and white that with all the sinful, soul-harmful acts listed above by the state, the Church must refuse to obey the state.

The clergy, I quote, "appeal to your children with an appeal for peaceful civil disobedience".

But probably, to get free from the power of the Dragon, I'm sorry, mayor, First of all, we all, without exception, need to kill the slave dragon within us.

Otherwise, thanks to draconian measures against us Muscovites, we will soon risk becoming the ultimate Sobyanin slaves in the Smart City 2030.

And we will turn into rhinos, the heroes of the play of the same name by Eugene Ionesco. Gradually, we become depersonalized and finally corrupted by human feelings, love, kindness, pity, compassion, sorrow, the right to stupidity, mistakes, sorrows and joys. In us, human dignity will be finally destroyed.

Absurdity, you say?

But aren’t we in the theater of the absurd?

Wait, there will be more...