Posted 4 июня 2020, 13:51

Published 4 июня 2020, 13:51

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Updated 24 декабря 2022, 22:37

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More than a third of Russians decided to save on vacation

4 июня 2020, 13:51
57% of Russians do not intend to go on vacation abroad. More than a third - 38% - said they would have to save on upcoming vacations.

At the same time, only 13% plan to stay at home during their vacation, it follows from a survey of Raiffeisenbank, the results of which are given by RBC. 16% of respondents will go abroad, 14% decided that they would rest both abroad and in Russia.

Less than half of the respondents - 45% - will be able to spend more than 30 thousand rubles per person on vacation. 56% decided to save by choosing cheaper accommodation options and inexpensive tickets.

About 53% admitted that they were considering the south of Russia for the trip, 27% would prefer Altai and Baikal. Travel to major cities - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and Kaliningrad - decided 22% of the survey.

Earlier, Bloomberg published data according to which the refusal of Russians from foreign trips will help strengthen the ruble.

Recall that in June a number of Russian resorts will open. For example, hotels in Crimea will start letting guests on June 15th. And from June 1, open-air cafes and restaurants have opened in the region.

The opening of beaches in Russian resort cities is planned from July 1. However, vacationers are already now independently go to the coast, ignoring the prohibitions imposed in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection.

Note that tourism is one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic. According to forecasts of the World Tourism Organization at the UN, the epidemic threatens to reduce world tourism by 70%.