Posted 4 июня 2020,, 14:31

Published 4 июня 2020,, 14:31

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Personal experience: how the scammers tried to persuade to give away a Sberbank card

Personal experience: how the scammers tried to persuade to give away a Sberbank card

4 июня 2020, 14:31
Attackers posing as Sberbank employees impudently demanded that a bank client give them a card.

Blogger Anton Chuladis shared with his readers extremely important information about how scammers posing as Sberbank employees work:

“The scammers wanted to trick me, but I was not such a sucker to join the ranks of their victims. They called on my phone - a certain girl said that they were bothering me from Sberbank. And probably, one could believe it: the girl's voice sounded against the background of office noise: someone was talking, the impression that the room was full of people and everyone was busy with some kind of unknown to me, but certainly important business. Well, what does she want from me?

The girl asked if I had used my credit card in the last half hour. And having heard a negative answer, she reported that the attackers had just tried to withdraw five thousand rubles from my Sberbank card. I told the girl that at the moment there was no money in my account at all, but the girl confirmed that there was such an attempt and asked if the last name of Mironov was telling me - they allegedly determined that the person with that last name was encroaching on my bank account. I replied that I knew only one Mironov: this is a State Duma deputy. And although I do not have a high opinion of politicians, that Mironov is unlikely to trade on other people's bank cards.

The girl from the bank said that nonetheless, for security reasons, I need to change the card. That tomorrow a courier from the bank will come to my house and bring a new card for me. That I have already received SMS with the code number, which I will have to inform the courier and give him my card in return for a new one. SMS really has already arrived.

I thanked the girl for her concern and said that it’s better to go to the nearest branch of Sberbank tomorrow and deal with the situation there. But my telephone interlocutor began to convince me not to do this, because information about me supposedly leaked to scammers from this department. I asked then why I should believe that right now I’m not talking to scammers. The girl explained that my doubts about this should be dispelled by the number that was determined on my phone, from which I received SMS - 900, and this is the number of Sberbank.

SMS really came to me from the number 900. But it still seemed strange to me to give my card to some obscure courier - and I told the girl that I was still going to the bank. On that, communication ceased. The next day I came to Sberbank and retold this story there. A bank employee (already, of course, real) confirmed my suspicions. She said that they really were scammers, and it’s very good that I didn’t give them information about my card - by the way, they didn’t ask me about this. And that Sberbank does not send its couriers to customers' homes - this is simply excluded. Clear. I just forgot to ask Sberbank how the attackers found out my phone number, name and patronymic, and indeed, that I am the owner of a Sberbank card. They probably also knew that at the beginning of each month they transfer money to this card.

It seems that the moles are working in Sberbank. Phone of scammers: +7 495 105 75 11. Be careful”.