Posted 3 июня 2020,, 21:08

Published 3 июня 2020,, 21:08

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This is not about space: what is the main point of launching the Elon Musk rocket

This is not about space: what is the main point of launching the Elon Musk rocket

3 июня 2020, 21:08
With their launch, Musk and America won the war not for space, but for brains and money - two main resources in the world.

The blogger Alexander Tsypkin has clearly explained to his readers how the launch of the spacecraft Ilon Mask is really so valuable:

“I read this dirty mess around Musk and I'm amazed at the narrow-mindedness of a number of fellow citizens. You seriously think that this is all about space!? Do you really think that the comparison of our missiles and Elon’s is important?! Are you kidding me??

Lord, the 21st century is in the yard! Wake up. Musk can no longer send a single rocket anywhere at all, moreover, hand on heart, you understand that no one needs Mars and will begin to influence life on Earth, yours and my life, in 200 years.

A much more significant revolution happened and its author is just Elonny and the USA. The whole world saw that there is a country in which an ordinary dude might want to create a company to launch people into space and do it! This is the same signal to hundreds of thousands of geniuses around the world: wellcome to America. This is a signal to the thousands of investors who manage billions of dollars: wellcome America. If NASA had launched such a rocket, it would have been possible to really giggle, but why did they say this, because the truth is not that a space achievement. The same eggs, only in profile and cheaper. But this flight is a victory in a completely different war. The war for brains and the war for money. Two main resources in the world. Today’s rocket is tomorrow’s American cancer medicine, nanorobots, new modes of transport, etc. Again. This is not about space.

Come on... If we lose the race for space, nothing will happen, if we lose the race for talents and investments, we will leave behind forever..."