Posted 7 июня 2020,, 19:51

Published 7 июня 2020,, 19:51

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Mikhail Shemyakin: “Besogon-TV” is a trifle, which Nikita Mikhalkov is currently sick with”

Mikhail Shemyakin: “Besogon-TV” is a trifle, which Nikita Mikhalkov is currently sick with”

7 июня 2020, 19:51
The famous artist made unflattering statements during his press conference in Paris.

On June 6, a new program of Besogon-TV by Nikita Mikhalkov on the theme “Over the abyss in the lie” was released. "NI" asked the famous artist, whom Vladimir Vysotsky called "genius", Mikhail Shemyakin, personal opinion about the "Besogon" Nikita Mikhalkov. At an offline exit press conference The autobiographies of Mikhail Shemyakin, the artist did not speak very flattering about the memoirs of Nikita Mikhalkov’s older brother Andrei Konchalovsky “Low Truths”, calling them “unpleasant”, and did not spare the journalistic activity of Nikita Sergeevich. To my question: “What do you think of Nikita Mikhalkov’s author’s program“ Besogon-TV"?”, Mikhail Mikhailovich answered:

- Nikita Mikhalkov was once a talented person. His film "Burnt by the Sun" I consider grandiose. But then he was carried somewhere... A person who is too closely connected with the government, as a rule, begins to become infected with something weird. In the name of his magazine “Own” ("Svoy") there is already “authenticity”. From the category: “ours - not ours” and etc. I think that “Besogon-TV” is the same nonsense that Nikita Mikhalkov is now sick with”, - commented “NI” Mikhail Shemyakin.

By the way, Shemyakin believes that in modern Russia there is much more freedom than in France, where he lives, and about any censorship that Nikita Mikhalkov talks about in his latest issues of Besogon, there is no question:

- Europe is an obsolete civilization that is in agony. I live in France, which I consider a “cemetery”. If in Russia you can write an article with serious criticism and print it, then in France it will not be printed. True, freedom is often confused with anarchy in Russia. In my opinion, freedom of expression in Russia is enough. Another thing is when people are "pounded" by the Russian Guard. Her need to put it in place. To press "tops" which are very cowardly, - Shemyakin noted.

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