Posted 8 июня 2020,, 15:05

Published 8 июня 2020,, 15:05

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"The shoutings were heard in the whole district": the residents of the house told where Dmitry Pavlov was shooting

"The shoutings were heard in the whole district": the residents of the house told where Dmitry Pavlov was shooting

8 июня 2020, 15:05
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Former Moscow City Hall official Dmitry Pavlov, who was shooting people from his window, died in a hospital. The information is confirmed by the Investigating Committee. In his apartment there were found alcohol bottles, a nootropic substance and the unregistered weapons.

An eyewitness to the shootout, Zhanna Kokaya, told Novye Izvestia what had happened the day before.

The shooting occurred on the night of June 8 in a five-story building on Stroiteley Street in the south-west of Moscow.

The neighbors heard the first shots in the courtyard of house number 5 (building 3) at about 23 hours.

According to witnesses, the man was armed with a carbine and shouted "I am a military man, I will show you all!"

During the special operation of the SOBR, the shooter was wounded. This morning, he died in a hospital from injuries sustained during his arrest, confirmed to reporters in the UK. They did not have time to interrogate him. Earlier, the department initiated criminal proceedings against him under the articles “Attempted murder”, “Hooliganism” and “Attempt on the life of a law enforcement officer”. If Dmitry Pavlov survived, he would face up to 20 years in prison.

However, according to TASS, the suspect had a mental illness.

Zhanna Kokaya, an eyewitness to the events in an interview with Novye Izvestia, told about what she managed to notice.

- About ten in the evening, my neighbor Marina and I finished the walk and went up to our floor. We heard loud pops, like shots, there were about 6-8 of them for 20 minutes. Our husbands went downstairs and called the police.

In the courtyard of the neighboring house No. 5 (building 3), men - Oleg Krapivin and Timur Kokaya discovered a riddled car-sharing car - it was parked under the windows from the side of the porches.

After about ten minutes, the unknown began to mark in a trinity of people gathered near the perforated car.

- Oleg got into the thigh bone, and he fell down. Timur began to pull his leg with a belt. At that moment, a woman approached them, who went to throw out the garbage, and asked what was happening. Another fired bullet went to her elbow. She, poor, as she crouched next to the fallen Oleg, so, in my opinion, she started off with fright”, - says Zhanna Kokaya.

By this minute the Rosgvardeyts arrived. The neighbors dragged Oleg Krapivin into the entrance. A neighbor with a wounded elbow was sent to an ambulance to the hospital.

The capture group screamed so that all tenants who went outside would immediately take refuge in the house.

- We did not observe any preliminary conflict at all. No one in the neighborhood was rampant, on the contrary, everything happened in silence. Even the police for a long time could not understand where the shooting was from. It was already dark. In the window, from which, as it turned out later, a carbine was put out and threatened, the light did not light up, and this is also the third floor - it was covered with dense vegetation. In addition, a taxi drove into the courtyard and stood with its headlights on, so it was very difficult to make out what was happening at first”, - the source said.

With the help of sound reinforcing devices, the Special police force's men began the negotiations with an invisible shooter. About half an hour later, the radio received information: on the 2nd call, the callers reported that their neighbor was shooting from the 32nd apartment.

The entrance was evacuated, the yards for passage and passage cordoned off, and the assault began.

- The whole special operation lasted about two hours. The special forces opened fire on the third floor. The shootout was two-sided, apparently. First, the wounded Rosgvardeyts was carried out and crammed into an ambulance on a stretcher, which immediately took him away. After that, for some reason, the shooter was carried out in a black bag, and he, too, was put into carriage 03. Ohr was creepy from everywhere, ”says Zhanna Kokaya.

The shooter was a former senior official - 50-year-old Dmitry Pavlov. In 2004, he was appointed to the post of deputy head of science and industrial policy of the Moscow Mayor's Office, after which he worked for a short time as general director of the Hammer and Sickle metallurgical plant in Moscow, then became unemployed. He recently divorced his wife.

- Two years ago, on May 9, Pavlov was already “asking fun” to the neighbors. I remembered it from his window. On Victory Day, we passed a neighboring building and a speaker was put in that very window from where they had shot yesterday. Music thundered to the fullest throughout the holiday. Pure hooliganism. All the neighbors complained, but then Pavlova, apparently, was never punished. We thought it was some kind of old man who screwed up an uncle. And he is still very young - 50 years old, his 14-year-old daughter remained with him. Until now, we still don’t know if anyone else was in the apartment when he started shooting”, - says Zhanna.

A neighbor with a wounded elbow remains in the hospital. Oleg Krapivin at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute today had surgery on his leg: he pulled a bullet from his hip and worked with fractures. The state of the Rosgvardeyts has not yet been reported.

The suspect himself during the special operation resisted and was wounded, then he was detained, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. After that he did not live long.

In the apartment of the shooter they found empty bottles of alcoholic drinks, the nootropic substance "Phenibut", a hunting rifle "Saiga". The weapon from which the shooting was implemented was unregistered.