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Andrei Kosmach spoke about the "holy death" rituals popular among the Russian elite

9 июня 2020, 20:14
On the air of the YouTube channel Feigin Live, occultism specialist Andrei Kosmach revealed the shocking details of the "black" rituals and talked about what magical practices are most popular in the Russian capital.

“Now we will not touch on the theme of thirteen great world occult orders, because it is a very complex topic. We will analyze it later if there is interest. Believe me, I can and have a right to speak on this subject. But let's touch on more mundane rituals.

The main criterion for a mundane ritual is theatricality. The more it will be theatrical and the more blood and horror there will be in it, the more effective it will be.

Now in Moscow, two so-called practices are very popular. One of them is voodoo, and the second is "santa muerte", that is, "holy death".

We must understand that there are three main areas of voodoo. The toughest and bloodiest is Congo. The organizers of this trend are the Bantu people who live in the Congo itself.

When voodoo practice entered the territory of the Caribbean, as well as Brazil, it transformed a little. But the basis of this cult remained the same.

Let’s just now consider the “evil” ritual. It will be the most interesting and very impressive. There are two of the most important components.

If "evil" - then it should be a fresh corpse, preferably a killer maniac, and a wooden doll with a very touching name Chichiriku.

First step. At the cemetery, the cult follower digs up the fresh corpse of a killer maniac or suicide, brings him to the room where everything will happen, cuts it into pieces, puts it into a barrel in which it mixes them with grave soil. Spears are inserted into the ground, on which live birds are planted, which must die in terrible torment.

At the same time, incisions are made in the throat of the bird so that blood flows. Thus, the grave ground is “sanctified” and “cleansed” of all that is on it.

The second aspect is the doll. Many people think that this is a rag doll. But actually it is not. This doll is always carved exclusively from wood. Its size does not exceed 40-50 cm. The doll is made in pairs.

First, the master craftsman creates an image that is very, very similar to the image of the victim, for which this "evil" will be done. Then the finished figure is soaked in the composition of the blood and juice of plants.

But the blood should, naturally, not be of animal origin. I think you understand very well whose blood it should be. Four days later, the doll is removed from this composition and buried in this grave ground with parts of the corpse for six days.

After that, the doll is taken out and “fed”. Exceptionally, pardone mua for such details, with the blood of a virgin and the sperm of a man. After this doll was “fed”, it was returned, for four days, to the grave ground with pieces of the corpse. Then they take it out and begin to carry out the ritual.

During this period of time, iron objects begin to be driven into the doll and they perform another ritual. After that, one doll remains with the adept, priest or sorcerer, and the second doll is solemnly sent to the person to whom it is intended.

And here, first of all, the psychological element is triggered. If a person believes in this, he receives, absolutely nothing, what he believes in. It is exclusively designed for this, no more. There are no serious practices like the thirteen world orders.

I can give you an example from November 2019. In Moscow, a very high-ranking businessman, whom we often see on TV screens, was sent a magnificent, delightful box for his birthday.

The birthday man, naturally, joyfully opens this box, and what he sees: there lies such a doll, which is also surrounded by certain objects.

This person has had a very serious heart attack. He really believed in it and he got what he believed in. This is the voodoo cult.

Another cult - “Santa Muerte”, it is quite simple, and here, first of all, the so-called mummy is used. That is, it is not a fresh corpse, but preference is given to that corpse that has already lain, has rotted completely in the ground. They get it and then use it in rituals.

They wash it, rub it with various incense, put a golden crown on it, adorn it with completely precious jewelry and perform a ceremony.

It is very important to draw another analogy here.

In the cult “Santa Muerte”, his rich followers consider it simply necessary to have a human skull at home. It should be an old skull, which is at least 50 years old. And at the same time, it should belong exclusively to an influential person, a high-ranking person.

Fortunately, this is a Latin cult. It is popular in Mexico and in Honduras. I personally attended such rites and rituals, fortunately, there are a lot of generals and other such characters in such cemeteries. Almost all of them are headless. Do you understand?

By the way, this passion for taking out the skeleton, the relics of the skeleton, or the corpse itself, is generally very common in Latin America. Therefore, a lot of relatives guard fresh burial places.

So, the skull should belong to a high-ranking dignitary. Because if you keep the skull of a fool, then you will be a fool. Here is a very simple analogy.

But the cult of “Santa Muerte” is no less bloody than voodoo, so it is very topical for the Hero City of Moscow”.