Posted 9 июня 2020,, 14:34

Published 9 июня 2020,, 14:34

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From the self-isolation to self-destruction: notes of the unbeliever in the victory over the virus

From the self-isolation to self-destruction: notes of the unbeliever in the victory over the virus

9 июня 2020, 14:34
June 9 in Moscow, the self-isolation regime is removed. For nearly a week, the city has been de facto living without quarantine. Statistics is inexorable. There is no question of reaching a plateau. Most likely, we are at the foot of a much larger peak than the previous one.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Society is being thrown into the jaws of an abstraction dragon named “economy”. Not only is the very formulation of the question of whether life or the economy is primary, extremely cynical, such a question, in principle, should not confront humanity in the 21st century - the century of an overabundance of production. Mankind can already afford the “apocalyptic” supply of food and things for years to come. This stock should be used in global force majeure, similar to the COVID pandemic situations. And if everything is more or less stable in the civilized world with the economy, it does not exist at all in commodity Russia.

As always, according to tradition, we make the worst decision possible. We joined the usual “sacrificial regime”, appropriate even during the Second World War, but not working in the global world, where violence, at least military, at least natural, was transferred to the “soft” format. This means that any sacrifice is not justified, any sacrifice is in vain.

My conclusions from personal observations of the behavior of the post-Soviet man, alas, are sad. At first, it seemed to me that Muscovites responsibly approached self-isolation, taking care of their own and others' health. However, then I noticed that the behavior of the masses is regulated not by common sense, but by instructions from above, multiplied by the waves of the mass unconscious, when crowds of people buy buckwheat, put on and take off masks, fill the streets, or vice versa, hide in apartments like wild animals.

The fact that quarantine will be lifted was clear a few days ago. After the news of the opening of the book fair. On the day of the Russian language and in the midst of a pandemic, against the backdrop of prohibited events of any kind, this took place with fanfare, albeit provincial. The “color” of the Russian “Soviet literature” gathered at the fair - from Prilepin to Shargunov as a beach entertainer. One well-known semi-opposition politician, having visited this action, fell ill with the coronavirus, about which he informed subscribers on social networks. Such is the price of the vanity of a new cultural pseudo-elite, cut off from the global context, and therefore forced to come together endlessly, praising each other.

Today, resource owners and formal native speakers are not owners of meanings - neither Russian, nor any other. The autochthonous imperious savages simply tried to thrust one more brace into the agonizing, decaying space before our eyes, and again the Soviet one - to establish the pseudo-empire as "the most reading country". By the way, the beginning of a culture without civilization is an authoritarian attribute.

The second reason for quarantine removal, after the illusion of economic necessity, is the desire of the authorities to ensure the appearance of a plebiscite on amendments to the Constitution. Here she, obviously, acts against her interests, making the procedure itself extremely painful. In addition to tearing into the streets as in the last battle of the non-reflecting proletariat, society consists of a large number of anxious neurotics, as well as an increase in the number of disgruntled, impoverished and frustrated people during quarantine. They create a kind of revolutionary ballast, which the authorities, apparently, will try to reset again by introducing repeated quarantine. However, the second time the horror story does not work. So the situation is becoming very risky.

“It happens in history when the authorities strive for one thing, and another thing comes out. And very unpleasant for the government itself. This means that the law of unintended consequences began to work. He talks about the quality of government and the ability of the ruling to comprehend what they do. In Russia, the law of unintended consequences came into force, which now replaces the Constitution for us.

Coronavirus has simplified the design of a new regime by eliminating the possibility of mass resistance. The irony is that the method of concreting power creates even more destructive threats for it”, - writes Russian political scientist and doctor of historical sciences Lilia Shevtsova.

Covid has become the concept of modern political. Where the old forms of management have exhausted themselves and the new ones have not yet been invented, their place is taken by the inferiority, the projection of the mass unconscious, the void anomaly. COVID is the true name of the “god” of modern mankind. The last name of “god” was the inertia of being. But here the existence rebelled!

For too long, the Russian authorities have been engaged in the search for God, having departed from the usual Orthodoxy in the area of unnamed autochthonous synthetic cults collected around the world, like manuscripts from the Anenerbe collection. And so the “god”, taking the form of Cowid, appeared to them. Verily, fear your desires; they may come true!

He who does not feel time, does not feel relevance, modernity, he is doomed. Doomed and one who ignores Covid as a global factor, this absolute layman is a co-dissident. People, driven by profane vitality, neglecting not only radical meanings, but also real danger, crawled out these days from their existential concrete apartment burrows. They came to this, truly, killing the sun of the future. Without masks, without gloves, crowds of the hedonistic proletariat flooded the streets of the city. You can say about them - "They are terribly far from COVID". And this mistake will be fatal.