Posted 10 июня 2020,, 15:37

Published 10 июня 2020,, 15:37

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Flashers are more important than people: it was possible to avoid the fatal accident on the Garden Ring

Flashers are more important than people: it was possible to avoid the fatal accident on the Garden Ring

10 июня 2020, 15:37
The city authorities are indirectly responsible for the car accident caused by Mikhail Yefremov. Because there are no elementary bump stops on the Garden Ring that would allow you while you are drunk and feeling bad not to go into oncoming lanes.

These dividers do not exist here because it interfere with cars with blinker lights.

You don’t even need such beauty as the experts from the Blue Buckets suggested in this picture: just put the iron chippers on all the country's roads with more than one lane in each direction - and the mortality rate in road accidents will fall by half, at least!

...but no, the flashing light strip is much more important than safety. The comfort of traffic jams of "civil servants" is a priority.

The fatal accident caused by the drunk Efremov could not but cause a new surge in interest in safety measures on Russian roads. But they, alas, leave much to be desired. And the point is not at all to tighten and so ugly cruel rules.

Here, for example, as in the opinion of the Blue Bucket experts, a section of the Garden Ring should be arranged in the place where the tragic accident occurred. Raised by 30-40 cm. The lawn, there are trees. Very beautiful and, most importantly, safe. If urbanists were engaged not in psychedelic projects, but in real ones, then such a thing would have been built on Sadovoy long ago. And there would be nothing and the person would remain alive.

Dividing barriers are needed on all such roads! And not only Moscow, but the whole country! You can fly to the oncoming traffic for a variety of reasons, from a car breakdown to a heart attack or falling asleep or something else.

If we summarize the disputes on the Web about this, we can identify two proposals that are radically opposed to each other:

No. 1: install a chipper on the Garden Ring to prevent a head-on collision. At a speed of 150, it is fatal in any case (and this is 75 + 75, as everyone drives around Sadovoy in the absence of traffic jams, they add up at a counter speed). Statistics show that the fender on the dividing line really reduces fatal accidents at times.

No. 2: strictly punish for exceeding the speed limit and reduce the allowed speed. Well, let it be even 50, do you think that a windshield at a speed of 100 leaves a lot of chances for survival? And drunk daredevils will strictly observe? Then you need to set a limit of 20 throughout the city, and speed bumps every 100 meters, so as not to disperse. But this is the end of any land transport.

As always, there are two logics: to provide protection against the fool or to forbid and punish.

From experience, one can say without guessing that the Russian authorities are prettier than the second option, which means that similar tragedies on the roads will continue to happen with an unenviable frequency.

The activist Vyacheslav Chernov generalized the situation very correctly and convincingly:

“People have committed, are committing, and will continue to do wild, strange, inexplicable acts. Why is the state necessary? In order to maximize the safety of law-abiding citizens and protect their property, health and life from the damage that could be caused to them by the actions of irresponsible members of society.

For example, in Italy, realizing the danger posed by a long, laid in an inaccessible place, road, oncoming lanes of an autobahn in a mountain, coastal strip, it’s not only a distinction - they are generally two different roads laid at different levels with all the associated engineering infrastructure, providing maximum security. There are no sharp turns, no one dazzles with headlights, because the light is directed only forward and never towards, a sufficient number of lanes. Everyone goes very fast and very safe. The state has fulfilled its responsibility. There are no questions to him. The same applies to the road infrastructure of other civilized countries. You ride and enjoy. Like an angel carries you in his arms. The feeling of maximum security. The ride turns into pleasure.

They both shouted and forgot about Ephraim. And the roads, as they were shit, will remain so. And people will continue to die on them. Many people. A lot of people. And meanwhile, if Efremov hadn’t had the physical opportunity to go to the oncoming lane, the deceased would have survived. Guaranteed. How many of those who have erased the keyboard about moral dilemmas will go to get the authorities to master the colossal means allocated to the road infrastructure in strict accordance with safety standards so that people do not die a stupid death? Every day I drive on roads and the feeling that we have a handful of imbeciles who have escaped from a madhouse is engaged in road construction - does not disappear over time. And this means only one thing - death, death, death.

The fact that the guy died almost in a coffin on wheels - for there is no other way to name the Lada car - whose responsibility? Why is the country still not only not prohibited these cardboard boxes on wheels, the movement of which is due to miracles and converging stars, but for the whole country we have been supporting and saving for decades this manufacturer, sending consumers its products to the next world? So that he continues to rivet the coffins. In any car of foreign manufacture, the person’s chances of survival would be immeasurably higher. But being inside this misunderstanding practically guaranteed him death. This is how to evaluate?

All the power of the Russian state in the automotive industry over many decades has produced only very strange chushlays with a built-in countdown mechanism that measures moments before the tragedy. You survive only if you managed to leave them before the fateful moment. These frets haunted our fellow citizens every year in batches, but I didn’t meet anywhere with the information what efforts the powerful Russian government uses to save us from this manufacturer-terrorist, who give me as much money as you like, and at the end there are some instruments of torture with a programmed self destruction. But among the eternal snows, turnstiles were installed in every school in Zadrischensk and Zagopinsk so that Arab suicide bombers could not detonate a bomb there. Everything is strange with us. And it will remain strange until the state begins to fulfill its direct responsibilities..."