Posted 10 июня 2020,, 13:02

Published 10 июня 2020,, 13:02

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Thousand residents of the Dagestan village came out to protest against the detention of a pensioner

Thousand residents of the Dagestan village came out to protest against the detention of a pensioner

10 июня 2020, 13:02
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Residents of the village of Manas in Dagestan came to a spontaneous protest after two citizens who violated the regime of self-isolation were detained.

According to the publication "Caucasian Knot", at least a thousand people became participants in the protest.

The reason was the recent detention of an elderly man whom a policeman hit with his forehead in the back of the head.

“It doesn’t fit in our heads how to do this with an adult, grandfather”. It is not in our tradition that a young man raise his hand to an adult. Whatever happened between them, it was impossible to do so. Therefore, we want this police officer to be fired”, - said one of the protesters.

Earlier, for violation of the self-isolation regime, the court fined the residents of the village of Gurbuki. Video from the detention of two violators hit the social networks and caused a wide public outcry. There is a moment in the video when several policemen are holding an elderly citizen, he is trying to free himself, his arms are twisted behind his back and heaped to the ground. Siloviki and passersby are also suitable. The fallen man is picked up and led to a police car, wrung his hands behind his back. Before you put the detainee in the car, a police officer hits him on the head with his head.

"During the detention, one of the employees took unlawful actions against the detainee. This caused a stir of people. The employee has already apologized to them for his actions. Everyone understood each other, people have already dispersed”, - said the head of the Gurbuki village administration, Magomedhabib Mamatgereev.

He added that both detainees are currently at home. The Ministry of Internal Affairs began an investigation into the gross detention of both citizens.

Let us recall that in Dagestan, the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection is one of the most tense in the country. Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the republic to cope with the pandemic by sending military doctors to Dagestan.