Posted 10 июня 2020,, 12:28

Published 10 июня 2020,, 12:28

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To restrain gently: the strangulation techniques during the arrests will be banned for the US police

To restrain gently: the strangulation techniques during the arrests will be banned for the US police

10 июня 2020, 12:28
US police may be prohibited from using strangulation methods during the detention. They want to introduce this rule since the riots began in the country. Americans protested against discrimination in the police because of the death of George Floyd, an African-American, who was strangled during the detention.

The White House intends to reform the American police. President Donald Trump will present his proposals for future reform on Thursday. Among the proposed innovations is a restriction in the use of databases, simplification of the procedure for compensation for losses to victims of police actions, as well as some changes in the tactics of the police, including the prohibition of strangulation. According to NBC News, there is no consensus on the last item in the White House. “We will clearly bind the hands of the police”, - the newspaper writes, citing an official involved in the discussion of the reform.

The country's attorney general, William Barr, supported the strangulation ban initiative. According to him, the technique can only be used if the offender threatens the life of a policeman. In other cases, police officers should not use a deadly trick.

Other senators made their own proposals for police reform. In particular, among the proposals - to ban the use of rubber bullets and chemicals to disperse the demonstrators. Earlier, Novye Izvestia noted that after Trump’s speech to the protesters, the police dispersed the crowd using the indicated means in order to clear the way for the president.

American George Floyd passed away after being brutally detained by his police in Minneapolis. The policeman knocked him to the ground and crushed his neck with his knee, because of which the detainee could not breathe. He later died. The Americans came out with protests. US President Donald Trump threatened to send troops if city leaders themselves are unable to cope with the rallies. True, he later refused his statement, citing the fact that so far it is premature to use military force. The mayor of Los Angeles knelt before the protesters, asking them to stop the riots. Residents themselves say they will continue to protest until all police officers involved in the death of an African American are arrested and punished. Earlier, charges were already brought against police Derek Chauvin, who threw Floyd to the floor, and fired three other police officers who were also involved in the detention.