Posted 11 июня 2020,, 14:24

Published 11 июня 2020,, 14:24

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MP Lysakov promotes another loathsomeness for millions of drivers

MP Lysakov promotes another loathsomeness for millions of drivers

11 июня 2020, 14:24
The accident of drunk Mikhail Yefremov, like any resonant tragedy, could not but give the rise to the next tightening of nuts for the Russian drivers.

And indeed! In less than a couple of days - how such an abomination crawled out into the public space from the “defender" of motorists (in the distant past) Vyacheslav Lysakov.

Sergey Lvov

To start, we quote the message from the news feed:

"State Duma deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov supported the development in Russia of a new system for testing drivers for alcohol intoxication, which will allow mass raids (highlighted by us - ed.) On drunk drivers".

What kind of system is it - we will tell below. In the meantime, fix the term "mass raids".

In the submission of the deputy and supporters of such measures, the Russians have no presumption of innocence. In any case, with drivers of vehicles. Like criminals, they are simply obliged to undergo mass raids, and total checks on everything and everything, regardless of their behavior on the road, the condition of the car and the like.

If you get behind the wheel, then you are already a potential criminal, murderer, drunk, drug addict ... Because any traffic policeman, not to mention the reasons for stopping, without giving his name and position, can today face any driver he wants because of some foggy suspicions. At the end of February, the author of these lines, for example, was marinated for 6 hours in the center of Moscow with the delivery of urine and alcohol tests. Which finally showed a full ZERO. But a lot of time and nerves were spent on this frank wiring involving at least 5 officers. The gambling faces of these "intruder hunters" are still dreaming.

And I note: no law prohibits stopping dozens of drivers at one post. And this activity of traffic cops is called "mass checks", "special operations" and similar euphemisms of the police.

But what will happen when this very control is supplemented by a "mass raid"? This is when you, as if a free citizen of Russia, are driven to the side of the road or to a parking lot, they will be collected there by another fifty such poor fellows who are either in a hurry to work at airports, and then diving “hunters” in uniform will make passes with the latest device, which ( I quote the description) "it searches for ethanol vapor in the air at a great distance. And so the new method will allow you to check not one, but many drivers at once".

Oh how! Progress and rushing fast jack! And first of all, it creeps into the heads of lawmakers!

"The driver who took the alcohol and got behind the wheel hopes that he will get home somewhere in the gardens. If he knows that not one driver can stop on any street, but 20, 30 or even 50 cars and immediately check quickly by screening, then such an expectation of a mass audit can prevent people from drinking alcohol. ", MP Lysakov told Sputnik radio.

Yes, have mercy, Mr. Lysakov! Drivers and without your innovations are well aware that they can stop for inspection anywhere and when. No screenings are needed for this. In addition, measures already taken to combat drunkenness while driving cannot be called "liberal" or insufficient. And they work! For five years, the Russian fleet has grown by 30 percent, but the number of “drunk” road accidents is kept at the same level. Yes, in comparison with Sweden, it is unforgivably great in Russia. But still there is no reason to demand new draconian measures against drivers.

Recall that last year the authorities toughened the criminal punishment for drunk driving, if it caused serious harm to health or death of a person. For example, if a person received serious injuries, then the culprit of the accident faces up to seven years in prison. In the event of the death of a person - up to 12 years, and for the death of two or more persons may be imprisoned for up to 15 years.

In turn, for the drunk driving itself can be fined 30 thousand rubles and deprived of a driver’s license for two years.

And what is characteristic: Lysakov himself perfectly understands the insufficiency of punitive measures alone.

“We can’t stop it until changes in the minds of both pedestrians and drivers take place. And this must be done from childhood: respect for someone else’s and one’s life. Here social measures are more effective. The same social advertising in prime a time that is not available on federal channels at all, and not tightening measures. We only approach in terms of increasing responsibility, repressive measures. But people need to be educated, educated and work on the brain. Scientists say that a 30-second video leads to that at least 60% of those who viewed it, if it’s really talented and brightly shot, brains fall into place. And we don’t use this potential at all", - declared Lysakov on June 8 of this year.

That's great! But why is no one seriously engaged in campaigning against drunkenness while driving?

Why then need new screenings? They are most likely and most likely needed by producers of the next Pribluda for sweet government purchases on a national scale.

This is exactly what happened with tests for rapid urine tests for drivers. They were introduced at the insistent demand of the chief narcologist of the Russian Federation, who managed to prove to the Duma and deputy Lysakov, in particular, that 20 drops of valocordin (validol, valoserdine and more than 100 drugs from free and over-the-counter sales) taken a week ago do not give the right to drive vehicles, because are drugs!

The deputies immediately agreed with the nonsense of the narcologist - and now every now and then you meet on the roads mobile points for urine delivery by drivers. And what is characteristic: this second analysis for prohibited drugs is done with test strips. Which - what would you think ??? - they produce enterprises very close to the chief narcologist with sales volumes of many millions of budget rubles. Moreover, the accuracy of rapid analyzes is not one hundred percent. And as in my personal case, a laboratory analysis of urine completely refutes the performance of on-site inspections with subsequent wiring of drivers for "deprivation of rights".

In this context, it is remembered as quiet horror, and a scam with zero ppm for drivers. Canceled by Putin in July 2013, the law has so compromised its creators that it would be time for them to sink to the bottom and never again come up with severe trials for tens of millions of fellow citizens. Oh no! In less than seven years, the same legislators have been advocating for some super-duper ethanol traps within a radius of a kilometer of stale air!

Therefore, it is not necessary to applaud "innovation" from Lysakov. Most likely they will turn out to be another "filter from Petrik" or similar scams.

And in general, life has taught us, drivers and passengers, to think about each innovation: who benefits from it? Telegram channels, for example, analyzing the activities of one well-known Duma deputy, came to the conclusion that he was lobbying for Yandex to purchase one large taxi aggregator, thereby creating an oligopoly in the transportation market. The transaction was canceled due to claims by the FAS. But the activity of the deputy did not go to zero at all.

So we'll continue watching the hands...