Posted 11 июня 2020, 09:40

Published 11 июня 2020, 09:40

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The policemen of Primorye were offended by a video about a lieutenant colonel with the "hundreds of kilograms of money"

11 июня 2020, 09:40
Primorsky law enforcement officers are trying to identify the authors and the heroes of the staged video, which was distributed on social networks. This video is depicting allegedly a lieutenant colonel of the police, who has boxes of money in his house.

The video allegedly captures the process of a search in the house of a lieutenant colonel, during which "hundreds of kilograms of money" are discovered. In the basement of the house being searched are boxes of money.

Police in Ussuriysk are checking the video. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Primorye, no lieutenant colonel with a house full of money does not exist.

- Information posted on social networks is not true. An employee of that name with the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ussuriysk did not and does not serve. At present, the police are identifying the author and the heroes of the video, ”the press service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs reports to Interfax.

The ministry believes that the author of the video expressed "obvious disrespect" for state authorities, "thereby discrediting employees of the internal affairs bodies".

- Despite the fact that the public positions itself as a channel of comic news broadcasting stories of fictional characters, the hero of the production clip wears the uniform of an employee of the internal affairs bodies, which is an administrative offense, the police said.

According to Russian law, a fine of 30 to 100 thousand rubles is assumed for disseminating information expressing indecent disrespect to the bodies exercising state power in the Russian Federation.

Note that in the signature to the video states that "all events and characters are fictitious".