Posted 12 июня 2020, 13:59

Published 12 июня 2020, 13:59

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Our TV already knows where there will be a social paradise on Earth and what will be the verdict for Yefremov

12 июня 2020, 13:59
An accident with artist Yefremov may provoke a further rout of the liberal camp. But the Americans did their best to actualize in our and the world's agenda the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation that were hugely forgotten during the quarantine.

Sergey Mitrofanov

The week turned out to be unlucky, and it was made by our beloved artist Mikhail Yefremov, who drunkenly made an accident on the Garden Ring. As a result, a completely indecent man died, and the TV hypocritically declared: the point, they say, is not that Yefremov opposed Putin, but that you can’t drive drunk. And you can’t argue. Although the point is that Yefremov really voiced the poems of Bykov and Orlusha, and now he pierced quite stupidly, revealing to the world all the measure of his irresponsibility.

That is, we got another problem with the banner and headliner, and the club of merry alcoholics, which included Yefremov, apparently came to an end. Then it’s going on the thumb - the struggle of liberal charisma, money and a case in point. Symbols "Mamayev, Kokorin and Yefremov". "Yefremov and Vasiliyev." But it is possible that the post-Soviet government will be more prudent and unlikely to be scattered by cultural values, if they can be capitalized in favor.

Initially, justice operates in a wide corridor. As it turned out, Yefremov could be given 12 years, 6 and 2 conditionally, and everything will be completely in accordance with the law, but the artist is not excluded, then they will offer to join artists already raised by the party, like Mironov or Mashkov. As for the egalitarian “society,” it obviously already felt under an even denser and smothering blanket in anticipation of additional tightening. And all this made us favorite artist Yefremov easy turning the steering wheel.

In connection with the case of Yefremov, another problem came up. Before the incident, Yefremov was drinking somewhere. And according to the Sobyanin quarantine norm, the bars were supposed to open only on June 23. However, some, as it turned out, never closed. Consequently, there is a gap in the "Putin-Sobyanin's totalitarianism." There is an environment that does not recognize “Chekist” accounting and control. It is possible that for the "Khmer Rouge" Duma elite (*my evaluative judgment of their legislative initiatives) this is an alarming signal that mobilizes the ruling class to intensify the closure of the (New Economic Policy) NEP-2 project and the final dispersal of the middle class. (There is a version that quarantine was invented solely in order to get rid of the middle class.)

However, NEP-2 and its middle class, unlike NEP-1 and its middle class, may not agree with this. At least agreeing is so easy. There is some kind of fermentation, but more on that in the next chapter.

The Americans returned the Russian Constitution to the agenda

For the Negro pogroms in America and our quarantine, we somehow missed the approach of the epoch-making revision of the Yeltsin Constitution, as if we did not care at all.

(“Just think, in the country the Constitution is changing and the political regime is being established for a permanent helmsman, business!”)

The Americans from the Republican Party of “Our Trump” decided to fix this by publishing a document with unflattering characteristics of Russia, but precisely on the eve of the new Constitution and as an undermining of the adoption of crucial amendments. This follows from the report of the Secretary of the Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev.

In an interview with Arguments and Facts, Patrushev stated that the West financially supports unsystematic opposition and pro-Western Russian public associations, and also selects candidates for the role of leaders of the protest movement, destabilizes the situation in anticipation of a popular vote for amendments to the Constitution. To this end, the West allegedly sends suitcases of money to Russia to support the respective NPOs, fermentations - in the amount of 4 billion rubles, but in reality a lot more, it is simply difficult to prove it, since financing goes under secret schemes.

(By the way, it turns out that the US Congress finances the communists of the Russian Federation, because this is the only systemic political force that declared its rejection of the above amendments and refuses to vote for them, although it may be solely because they are still not principled enough and Stalin not there.)

The best people of our town gathered in the studio to protect the amendments (from the US Congress). Once a liberal jurist Pavel Krasheninnikov, a member of the Federation Council committee on international affairs Oleg Morozov, such a gorgeous girl as Olga Timofeeva, who also turned out to be the deputy chairman of the Duma (“This is not their country!” She says angrily to the US Congressmen). The enthusiastic gleam of their eyes and the absolute confidence in the magical power of the amendments attracted attention.

The provocateur and presenter E. Popov asked: “Why are they so good that they force the West to finance the disruption of the vote?”

Without blinking an eye, the guests of the TV answered with a pressure: “Exactly. We announced the construction of a social Paradise on Earth, and this made us incredibly stronger than all the envy of our competitors". Krasheninnikov: "A growth point has appeared". Member of the Public Chamber Nikita Danyuk: “And the inalienability of our territories, such as the Kuril Islands and the Crimea, is very annoying to them all”.

That is, the "best people" still declare the struggle of antagonistic systems - the capitalist West, where blacks beat white, and social Paradise in Russia, where everyone is friends. And only one will survive in this fight.

The theme of social Paradise should be revealed a little. What is his sociality?

The provocateur E.Popov asks his guests, portraying easily, however, exposed skepticism. Here, for example, in some remote village there is no water. Well, will the amendments make water appear?

- Yes! - nonetheless, guests respond with confidence, easily repulsing the skeptic's invective. Because in the future the competence of the people elected will increase. Water will be consumed, water will immediately appear.

Oops! In the other words, the amendments are the only thing to hold on to.