Posted 13 июня 2020, 16:56

Published 13 июня 2020, 16:56

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"I betrayed everyone. Excuse me, please": Yefremov recorded a video message to the people (VIDEO)

13 июня 2020, 16:56
Actor Mikhail Yefremov, who was responsible for the fatal accident in the center of Moscow, recorded a video message in which he apologized to all people and said that he would not try to use his connections and acquaintances to avoid punishment.

Efremov’s appeal is published on the Citizen Poet (Grazhdanin Poet) YouTube channel.

“I don’t understand how to live further. I know, many people think that I will be dodged as an artist. No, I’m not going to dodge myself, including using any contacts or acquaintances”, - the artist said.

Mikhail Yefremov offered help to the family of the deceased if they accept it, "if they understand that this is not an attempt to pay off, but an attempt to redeem". According to him, he has no forgiveness from those who believed him. "But I still ask about it, although I know that they will not forgive", he said.

“This is the end, there is no more Yefremov”, - said the Honored Artist of Russia.

According to Mikhail Yefremov, who is under home arrest now, it’s unforgivable to drive while drunk, causing an innocent person to die. But "this is not a movie, you can’t rewind anything".

The trainer and director of the Moscow Circus Edgard Zapashny commented on the actor’s appeal on his Instagram page.

"In this video we see not the artist Mikhail Yefremov, but an absolutely distracted person Mikhail Yefremov", - Zapashny wrote.

On June 8, Honored Artist of Russia Mikhail Yefremov in his Grand Cherokee car flew into the oncoming lane on Smolenskaya Square and crashed into the courier delivery van of the Delikateska store. The driver of the van Sergey Zakharov received numerous injuries and died on Tuesday in the hospital. After that, the criminal case against Yefremov was re-qualified to a more serious one. He faces up to 12 years in prison. Later it turned out that at the time of the accident Yefremov was in a state of not only alcoholic, but also of drug intoxication, which was reflected in the charges against him. Until August 9, he will remain under home arrest.