Posted 14 июня 2020,, 12:53

Published 14 июня 2020,, 12:53

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Trump said the U.S. is ending military intervention in other countries' conflicts

Trump said the U.S. is ending military intervention in other countries' conflicts

14 июня 2020, 12:53
“We are ending the era of endless wars”, US President Donald Trump announced. From now on, he said, the US military will no longer be engaged in the restoration of other countries and "resolve conflicts of other people'".

The American president made his loud statement during a speech to graduates of the West Point Military Academy in New York State, according to the White House website.

“You begin your career in the army at a crucial moment in American history. We are returning the fundamental principles according to which the task of the American soldier is not to rebuild other countries, but to defend and decisively defend our country from external enemies. We are ending the era of endless wars”, - said Donald Trump.

According to the head of the White House, "a clear look at protecting America's vital interests has returned to its place." Trump emphasized that "it is not the responsibility of the US troops to resolve ancient conflicts in distant lands that many people have not even heard of".

“We are not the cops of this world”, - Trump said to young officers starting their military career.

Meanwhile, as RIA Novosti notes, shortly before his speech at West Point, the American president informed congressmen of his decision to keep the military contingent in a number of countries, introduced there by his predecessors in order to counter terrorism.

It should also be recalled that on February 29 this year, between the United States and the Taliban banned in the Russian Federation, a peace agreement was signed on the phased withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, suggesting that if the Taliban refrain from violence, the States will completely withdraw from the country within 14 months its military contingent and NATO forces. The very next day, Trump announced an “immediate withdrawal,” and another 11 days later, American aircraft dealt a powerful blow to the positions of their “partners” for “defensive purposes”. Acts of violence occur regularly, and the US military does not leave its place of deployment in a country where the war has not stopped for about 30 years. The US military campaign in Afghanistan lasts almost 19 years.

Also, the US military presence remains in Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, the Philippines and the Arabian Peninsula, Kosovo, East Africa, the Lake Chad basin and the Sahel region.