Posted 14 июня 2020,, 14:18

Published 14 июня 2020,, 14:18

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Ukraine lifted a previously imposed entry ban for the foreigners

Ukraine lifted a previously imposed entry ban for the foreigners

14 июня 2020, 14:18
The Ukrainian authorities canceled the entry ban for foreign citizens introduced in March in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, but arriving foreigners need to have an insurance policy to enter the country, and those who come from countries with the "widespread coronavirus" will be under medical supervision.

The State Border Service of Ukraine reported about this on the eve.

In accordance with the decree, foreigners as well as stateless persons will be able to come to Ukraine if there are grounds established by the law "On Border Control", and subject to compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

"It is envisaged that foreigners need an appropriate insurance policy to enter Ukraine, and for those arriving from countries with a wide spread of coronavirus infection, they must be observed", the border department said.

An observational room will not be needed only for those citizens of these countries who have not been in their homeland for the past two weeks. Also, exceptions are made for employees of diplomatic missions, consular agencies of foreign states, employees of international missions, organizations accredited in Ukraine and their families, and in addition, drivers and crew members of freight vehicles, air and sea, river vessels.

As explained in the decree, countries with a "widespread coronavirus infection" are considered those where the number of cases of the disease is more than 40 people per 100 thousand of the population. The corresponding list of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine will be provided to the State Border Service every 3 days.

According to the latest data in Ukraine, more than 30.5 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were detected, 880 people died.

Due to the increase in the country's growth of coronavirus diseases in recent days, on Friday, the mayor of Kiev promised to again introduce a number of restrictions in the Ukrainian capital if the number of diseases continues to grow further.

A week ago, domestic air traffic was opened in Ukraine. All passengers measure the temperature at the entrance to the airports. Also, the regime of self-isolation for people over 60 was canceled. Wearing masks in public places continues to be a prerequisite.

On May 11, summer areas of cafes and restaurants were opened in Ukraine, restrictions on visits to parks, squares, recreation areas, beauty salons and hairdressers were relaxed. Wholesale and retail trade in non-food products, and museums began to work. Dental clinics, notaries, auditors, lawyers and household services companies have also resumed their work.