Posted 15 июня 2020,, 07:15

Published 15 июня 2020,, 07:15

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Banks intend to make the issue of cards and call center service fee-paying

Banks intend to make the issue of cards and call center service fee-paying

15 июня 2020, 07:15
Banks plan to take money from their customers for the issuance and maintenance of plastic cards, as well as for access to the call center and the use of payment applications. Loyalty programs are planned to be canceled or reduced.

Credit organizations will be forced to take these measures in connection with the preservation by the Central Bank of acquiring commissions for online retail and medical facilities at the level of 1%, Izvestia writes . Such restrictions will result in losses for banks at the level of 10-15 billion rubles, a letter was sent to the government by the Association of Banks of Russia (ADB).

The appeal says that while maintaining restrictions, customers will have less incentive to use non-cash payment methods.

The ADB is confident that it will be unprofitable for banks to service outlets whose turnover does not exceed 12 million rubles. non-cash payments per year. In addition, it will be necessary to shift the costs of terminal maintenance to entrepreneurs.

According to Alexei Voilukov, ADB Vice President, plastic services are free for customers, because the costs are offset by interbank commissions.

The Central Bank announced that the restrictions are temporary, and the measure is aimed at supporting small and medium-sized enterprises during the pandemic. Today it is assumed that the restriction will be lifted on September 30.

According to the regulator, during the first three months of 2020, Russians paid more than 7 trillion rubles for goods and services with cards. This is 9.7% more than cash withdrawals from bank cards (6.4 trillion rubles).

Recall that acquiring costs, along with rental payments and taxes, have become a significant part of expenses for entrepreneurs due to a drop in customer traffic.

Earlier, the Central Bank introduced a commission for payment by QR code.