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Published 15 июня 2020,, 15:57

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Hailing from the slavery. Why is the black population of the United States culturally close to the Russian people

Hailing from the slavery. Why is the black population of the United States culturally close to the Russian people

15 июня 2020, 15:57
Comparisons of Russian citizens with the Negro population of America, which Lenin began, continue to this day.

Network analyst Vladimir Guriyev, in his own way and very original, responded to racial unrest in America:

"I constantly meet in the tape" Why are these Russian people such racists?"

Very often, it’s almost pelevinsky “Jehovah looked at me meekly”, with the substitution of consumption for ethics, but if someone is really interested in why Russian people are so racist, then I have a theory.

Russian people, of course, are not racists, if we mean racism as hostility to blacks. Such racism nevertheless presumes some kind of constant contact, and he has nowhere to come from.

But it does seem that for some reason the Russian man associates himself with the right-wing white American, although he has more in common with the black American, if you think a little about his place in society and the immediate prospects.

It seems to me that the impression itself is incorrect (does not associate at all), everything is arranged differently, and here two factors play a role.

First, America is the main Russian paradise. Religiosity from the Russian man for seventy years of Soviet power still knocked out, successfully replacing it with tea mushroom, Juna and the diagnosis of karma, but the holy place, sorry for the tautology, stupidly does not happen, and the point at which it would be nice to be at least after death suddenly moved to the USA.

If you think about it, America meets almost all the requirements for heavenly existence that an intelligent Soviet person had. It's cool there. Salary in dollars. You can earn a million. Skyscrapers, skyscrapers, but I'm so small. Everyone lives in two-story houses that look like mansions from a 30-meter Khrushchev building, and everyone, everyone has a car.

Plus, it’s very difficult to get there, but you can still get there, and those who got there will never return.

America compares favorably with classical paradise in that it is a much clearer and more understandable image, plus you can dream of it, without limiting yourself to anything else, there are no rules and commandments.

At first, the image of paradise was formed by rumors, photos from the magazine for some reason "England" and a label on levi's jeans, but then videos appeared, and it became clear that everything was there, even better.

If anyone doesn’t believe it, review “home alone” with the nasal translation again, everything is true there.

Actually, the ingenious song "Goodbye America" is just about that.

Interestingly, this attitude towards America did not greatly affect the attitude towards Americans. Anyone understands that these fools are just very lucky to be born in a happy country.

But I, so cool, no.

And if I were there, oh, I would turn around. Now it’s too late, but if from birth, if you knew English as a native, oh I would.

And if a Russian person doesn’t very much associate himself with a white American, because a Russian person is much more capable and smarter and recently made a birdhouse from the cover of Pioneer magazine and window putty, then disgruntled black Americans cause him underlying irritation, because well, damn it , they have, they are already in America, but still they have few.

Would you try in Saratov, brother.

This is superimposed on the negative experience with poorly integrated national diasporas in Russia. it is negative for various reasons, but perhaps the main one, no matter how silly it sounds, is that a positive or neutral experience is poorly remembered.

And the combination of these factors leads to the fact that the news "protesters broke the window of the apple store" inside immediately transforms into "Nerus again trampled the icon, laughing".

And this is our, Russian, paradise, no need to litter in it, even if we are not there.

We don’t want a stranger’s paradise, but we won’t give up our tip, as the old pre-war song says.

You do not know me, but I have long loved you. Hello!

In short, it sounds very strange, but the Americans in this picture of the world (which is almost never articulated explicitly, but it feels that way) are temporary residents whose main task is not to scratch anything in our heavenly America.

There is no racism in this. The skin color of the protesters is absolutely not important to the Russian person.

Just in paradise there must be peace and order.

We did not dream about him, so that you all poheril..."

This idea was developed in his blog by the philosopher Dmitry Luchikhin:

In the course of the discussions, an interesting detail was revealed. It turns out that the black population of America is culturally much closer to the Russian people than is commonly believed.

And this says something about the work of our consciousness. You can not find any signs at all, a conscious phobic attitude, but some obvious comparisons simply do not occur to us, they do not reach the level of awareness.

So, besides Alexander Sergeyevich, and the suspiciously synchronized abolition of slavery, we are culturally related by a very important factor. Namely, the fact that the future Americans, captured in the African savannah, and the population of the proud Russian principalities - were deprived of the possibility of an original existence and original development. Deprived of the right to the original formation of their culture. And this, dominant in its influence, and the general culture-forming factor determines the psychological similarity of the formed ethnic groups that arose under its influence. Ethnic groups separated from their root culture by such an abyss that the possibility of restoring this connection seems fantastic.

Here, external forms of manifestation are naturally not so important, and even different elements of cultural organization are torn out of the soil - how much is the single logic of their organization, manifested in the typical reactions, the logic of behavioral patterns, and the typical spectrum of motivation.

In general, if the Russian population is painted and swapped with the black people of America, then nobody will notice anything.


Yes, everything is different - the historical context, the external surroundings, even the conscious version of motivation - but the behavior pattern itself is the same. There is of course a difference. American blacks saved those whites that freed them. And they continue to receive reparations. And the Russians....., their liquidated as a class - and now they are looking for someone else to get..."

The blogger Eduard Kotenev , commenting on this topic, pointed out another sign of the community of Russians and African Americans:

“Lumpen - they are everywhere, even in the cultural capital of the world - Paris, even in the shabby Ust-Rasdryupinsk forgotten by God ... To put it simply - they have torn themselves away from their natural environment, but they have not stuck to something worthwhile due to licentiousness and laziness, so they hang out from handouts to handouts, from jail to jail like a flower in an ice hole ...

They don’t “cannot” - they do not want to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to modern times. Let me give you an example: my cousin went to Germany for permanent residence twenty-five years ago, and his wife (now a long time ago) had already lived there. The first year he went to free state-language courses of the German language and confirmed his higher education, the second year he updated his professional knowledge in accordance with the requirements of German employers. Found a good job, worked, was unemployed, works again. All these years, his ex-wife has been receiving social services as if she does not know the German language and is unable to find a job because of this (she already knows everything for a long time - but to get a ball benefit is all of them). After a couple of years, he will crawl smoothly to retirement - this is the reserved dream of all scoops and lumpen: do nothing and get money ... "

But the most striking thing is that Vladimir Lenin wrote in the article “Russians and Negroes” 100 years ago, wrote on this subject, “the leader of the world proletariat”

“What a strange comparison? - the reader will think. “How can one of the races be placed next to one of the nations?”

Matching is possible. Negroes later than all freed from slavery and still bear the heaviest traces of slavery - even in advanced countries, because capitalism cannot “accommodate” any other liberation except legal, and this last is in every way curbing.

About Russians, history says that they "almost" freed from serfdom in 1861. Around the same time, after the civil war with American slaveholders, blacks in North America freed themselves from slavery.

The liberation of American slaves occurred through a less "reformist" way than the liberation of Russian slaves.

So now, half a century later, there are far more traces of slavery left on the Russians than on the Negroes. And it would even be more accurate if we spoke not only about tracks, but also about institutions ... But in this article we will confine ourselves to one small illustration of what has been said: the question of literacy. Illiteracy is known to be one of the traces of slavery. The majority of the population in a country oppressed by the Pasha, Purishkevichs, etc., cannot be literate.

- In Russia, illiterate 73%, not counting children under 9 years of age.

Among blacks in the North American United States, illiterates (1900) - 44 1/2%.

Shame falls on a civilized, advanced country, the North American republic, such an ugly high% of illiterates. And everyone knows that, in general, the position of blacks in America is unworthy of a civilized country: capitalism cannot give complete liberation or even complete equality.

It is instructive that among whites in America the percentage of illiterates is only 6%. But if we divide America into the regions of the former slaveholding (American "Russia") and the regions of non-slaveholding (American not Russia), we get the percentage of illiterates among whites: 11-12% in the former, 4-6% in the latter!

In the former slaveholding regions, the percentage of illiterates among whites is twice as high. Traces of slavery lie not only on blacks!

Shame on America for the position of blacks!.."