Posted 15 июня 2020,, 13:06

Published 15 июня 2020,, 13:06

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Nothing sacred! Developers have already encroached on the green zone of the Moscow State University

Nothing sacred! Developers have already encroached on the green zone of the Moscow State University

15 июня 2020, 13:06
The greed of Moscow officials and construction corporations truly knows no boundaries: they are going to build up a place with the most beautiful view in the whole capital.

In the public named Initiative Group of Moscow State University an alarming message appeared, stated that the famous Vorobyovy Hills of Moscow were in danger again: businessmen plan to build 20 thousand square meters with the related infrastructure in the green area protected by law near Moscow State University:

“What is known

It is a green zone between Universitetskiy Prospekt and Kosygina Street, on the right hand from the Main Building of Moscow State University, closer to the Observation Deck. This is a dense rectangular parkland 200 meters wide, after which the territory of Mosvodokanal begins. In the heart of this green massif there is a small clearing with two small (250.7 and 137.2 sq.m.) dilapidated buildings built in the 1950s. Their address is Kosygina street, 23, buildings 1 and 2.

These buildings were built for an organization that was responsible for creating and maintaining the parks and forests of the Sparrow Hills. At the time of 2016, these buildings were on the balance of the State Unitary Enterprise of Moscow Gorzelenkhoz No. 1. Unexpectedly, in 2016 he went bankrupt, his property was sold out. The indicated buildings and the right to lease land beneath them (310 and 162 sq.m.) at the initial bid price of 15 million rubles go to citizen D. Fatkullin. from the Queen of Moscow Region.

Not later than the end of 2019, the Moscow Mayor's Office leased a plot of 7300 sq. M. To the fake company LLC Agency Integration. meters with cadastral number 77: 07: 0010003: 8, on which, according to the open map of Rosreestr, these buildings are located. Based on the rental conditions, we can conclude that the buildings themselves were previously transferred to the ownership of this company.

And the most important thing. Just the other day it became known that back in 2018, Golddex Development LLC from St. Petersburg ordered “Enlarged town-planning calculations of the permissible volume of new construction on the site with cadastral number 77: 07: 0010003: 8 according to the address reference: Moscow, st. . Kosygina, ow. 23. " These calculations contain two options for building this territory with housing with adjacent parking. The first plan involves the construction of 18.25 thousand square meters. meters of housing and 10.95 thousand square meters. meters of public buildings, as well as 120 parking spaces, the second - 21.9 thousand square meters, 18.85 thousand square meters. meters and 206 parking spaces respectively. Copies of documents confirming the alleged facts are at the disposal of the IG MGU.

The good news is that thanks to the teacher of Moscow State University and the former municipal deputy of the Ramenka district, Marina Ivlieva, we all learned about all this in time. She constantly monitored the situation around these facilities since the very suspicious bankruptcy of GUP Gorzelenkhoz No. 1 in 2016 and collected documents and information about what was happening. It is in our power to disrupt the plans of impudent businessmen and protect the Vorobyovy Hills from this danger.

Initiative group position

We demand that the federal authorities and the authorities of the city of Moscow immediately intervene in the situation and terminate the lease agreement with Integration Agency LLC, return the buildings on Kosygin 23 to state ownership and carry out restoration and landscaping of the territory under the public park recreation zone (without building any structures, parking lots and tree felling).

What to do

Now it is important to disseminate information as much as possible. There is a chance with the help of public resonance to win already at this stage.

However, we must proceed from the option of negative developments and prepare for a long struggle and even for a direct confrontation with the developer.

Now we are contacting groups of active residents and independent deputies of the Ramenki and Gagarinsky districts, environmental and public initiatives inside and outside Moscow State University to coordinate actions. Follow our news..."

This news caused a stormy reaction among Muscovites:

- This mess! Vorobyovy Hills must be preserved. You can’t build up everything. Moscow already has nothing to breathe, and nothing remains of the good old Moscow. I hope we can defend the Sparrow Hills.

- We can prove that you can’t build here! Yes, even bring the world-famous view of Moscow from the GZ webcam as an argument. Well, continue to give more professional arguments! And do not retreat! The deputies of the Ramenki district, Gagarinsky and Lomonosov regions well done - smart and decisive. Remember how joint efforts prevented the installation of Prince Vladimir? And now we urgently need to create a petition and attract competent specialists to prevent this outrage!

And the political scientist Abbas Gallyamov expressed a rather radical idea:

“I think that the revolution may well begin here. This place is significant for the Moscow intelligentsia, and the regime’s rejection in this environment has reached such a level that the protest against the commercial development of the Vorobyovy Hills - formally irrelevant to politics - is quickly politicized.

Now the Kremlin can justifiably call the businessman who started all this, and the officials who allowed it, provocateurs..."