Posted 15 июня 2020, 15:46

Published 15 июня 2020, 15:46

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The figure of the day: yearly in Russia more are killed than in the rest of Europe

15 июня 2020, 15:46
By the number of murders per 100 thousand citizens, our country is far ahead of all European countries combined.

Truly terrifying numbers were cited by network analyst Dmitry Milin on his blog, posting a table of the number of homicides per 100,000 in Europe.

Russia turned out to be the undisputed leader in it, with a huge margin ahead of all other countries. For example, the number of murders in our country is 17 times higher than in Norway.

It is interesting that in the note to this plate it is attributed that of the 22,000 murders included in the statistics - 11,900 contributions from the Russian Federation!

And one more fact for comparison: in the USA, which Russian propagandists like to refer to, this coefficient is almost half as small and amounts to 5.3 murders per 100 thousand citizens.

Comments on this post were habitually ironic, suggesting that this state of affairs had long been familiar to Russians:

- The deep people in a separate civilization, like the Spartans, removes unclaimed or weak and unconventional, probably.

- It's strange, but we are ahead of the "planet of the whole"! With the largest number of police and other guards per capita, we are ahead of all in terms of the number of murders. This is how it should be so managed!

- If I remember it correctly, these are statistics of only intentional killings. Something about 10 per 100 thousand population per year. That is, every year a resident of the Russian Federation participates in a lottery with a chance of 1 out of 10,000 to end his life by violent death. Higher than in Sportloto win, however!

- Multiply by two - the number of missing people is not taken into account, and among them half of the corpses.

- They drink a lot...