Posted 18 июня 2020,, 20:58

Published 18 июня 2020,, 20:58

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For the first time in 85 years the dolphins were noticed near St. Petersburg

For the first time in 85 years the dolphins were noticed near St. Petersburg

18 июня 2020, 20:58
In connection with the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19, the residents of most European countries spent the whole spring in isolation at home, the traffic was significantly reduced , beaches are empty.

As a result, wild animals, which were previously afraid of crowding and of the noise of technology, more and more often are observed near the large cities.

Today, 40 kilometers from the historical center of St. Petersburg, on the northwestern outskirts of the city near the village of Privetnenskoe, local residents saw a group of dolphins in the Gulf of Finland. The last time they were observed in these places in 1935.

"The dolphins swim very rarely stay in the Baltic Sea and usually do not go further in Poland after World War II the population of dolphins was reduced to a few hundred in the Baltic Sea", - notes IA REGNUM. At first the children saw the dolphins, but no one believed them, and then the adults became convinced. This is probably the group that was photographed near Finnish Lovissa a few days ago. One of the band’s members was photographed by Finnish photographers”, the group said social network "VKontakte" "Rescue Seals".

According to the Interfax agency , dolphins swam to the shores of the outskirts of the northern capital at a distance of 100-300 meters, and then went back to sea.

Even in March, after the introduction of quarantine in Italian Venice, many thousands of tourists disappeared from the city, and this had a beneficial effect on the cleanliness of the famous canals - fish returned there, followed by, of course, dolphins, which were also observed near the city.