Posted 19 июня 2020,, 13:33

Published 19 июня 2020,, 13:33

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Sochi FC insisted on a game with Rostov FC, whose players contracted coronavirus

Sochi FC insisted on a game with Rostov FC, whose players contracted coronavirus

19 июня 2020, 13:33
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The agreement on the game was reached a few hours before its start. Recently it was detected that six players of the Rostov football club (FC) have contracted coronavirus, and therefore the entire team was quarantined. But the FC Sochi refused to transfer the game.

According to the website of the Ekho Moskvy radio station, in Rostov, players of the main and youth squads, as well as the coaching staff, were forced to quarantine. Both the Russian Football Union and the leadership of the Russian Premier League agreed to postpone the match.

Now players with positive tests on COVID-19 are isolated from the team, the website of the Rostov football club reports. In close contact with them were 42 club employees - these are all the main players, coaching staff and team personnel.

Sochi FC is now assuring that the match at the main stadium of the city of Fisht will take place, as the Russian Football Championship is due to resume today . True, it is still unclear in what lineups, but in case of failure to “Rostov” may face a technical defeat. The head coach of FC Rostov Valery Karpin says that he does not know who will play. “I don’t know anything. We don’t play, what is incomprehensible? We are in prison, who will play, I don’t know”, quotes his words.

According to some reports, “children” - 16-17-year-old footballers - were born in 2003, but they have not officially confirmed this. And an informed source of the Interfax agency, familiar with the situation, also said that the club’s academics, representatives of the youth academy of FC Rostov, would go to the match in Sochi.

By the way, even before the coronavirus epidemic, at the end of November last year, when the Sochi team players already had health problems, the Orenburg club agreed with the request of the rivals to postpone the match.

In addition to the match between Sochi and Rostov, today after a three-month break, the Russian football championship will resume with the game of Samara's Wings of the Soviets and Grozny FC Akhmat.

Meanwhile, a football match could cause new cases of coronavirus infection in Montenegro, which recently reported on the complete healing of all infected earlier. This is not ruled out by doctors. Within 42 days, not a single case of COVID-19 was reported in Montenegro, but this week the local Public Health Institute reported nine new patients. Seven of them traveled to Belgrade, the capital of neighboring Serbia, on June 10 for a Serbia Cup match between Crvena Zvezda and Partizan. At the stadium there were more than 15 thousand spectators.