Posted 20 июня 2020,, 20:31

Published 20 июня 2020,, 20:31

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In the name of Rotenberg: in the Sochi-Rostov match, children's health was put at stake

In the name of Rotenberg: in the Sochi-Rostov match, children's health was put at stake

20 июня 2020, 20:31
Last night the most shameful match in the history of Russian football took place. The Sochi team beat the children's team from Rostov with a score of 10: 1. And this glorious result will be counted in the standings of the Premier League! But the problem goes beyond the obvious dishonest struggle.

Sergey Lvov

When children from Rostov born in 2003 took to the field and stood next to the adult heroes from Sochi, it seemed that this stupid show would stop. Well, they laughed, well, sighed about the damage from the coronavirus, which made the Rostov club in full force stay at home, well, they would shake hands and parted. After all, on the eve of the game, the football master Valery Gazzaev suggested that Rostov be credited with a technical defeat, since the ambitions of the Sochi owner Rotenberg longed for complete satisfaction.

Oh no! Adult uncles from the Premier League have sat down and in order not to anger the former fighter allowed a public massacre of children. The same in wrestling and boxing, hefty ambuls cannot be used to muddle slender rivals from the lower weight and age categories. But in football - please!

Although the elementary physiological analysis of the rivals gave a striking advantage of some over others.

Just imagine: 33-year-old goalkeeper, "Sochi" Soslan Dzhanaeva height is 190 cm, 87 kg in the EU, in Novoseltseva defenders Margasova, Meladinovicha and Memli - similar data - for the same huge increase in the weight differs by three to four kilograms. Zabolotny’s center forward has a height of 191 cm and weighs 90 kilograms!

And now you can open the site of the Rostov football club and look at the parameters of the youth team players: with an average height of about one hundred and eighty centimeters, their weight is 65-70 kilograms. Obviously, tenth-graders have not yet gained adult indicators of muscle and bone mass, and the bones themselves are still fragile, because they are in a state of growth.

Obviously, in a collision on the run with the Sochi “tanks”, the effect for the Rostov children could be the saddest, up to and including mutilations, fractures of the spine and severe concussions.

The president of “Rostov” Artashes Harutyunyants in an interview with “Match TV” spoke about the decision to send youth and pupils of the Academy born in 2003-04 to the game from Sochi

“It was not easy to make a decision to send the young guys to this match. It was taken on Thursday evening. I think they are all worried. 16 years old are children. We have already supported them, before and after the match we will say a few more words”, - Harutyunyants said.

The president, however, did not say to whom and why this was necessary - to send “these same children” to the slaughter. Where in this event is the sporting beginning with relatively equal rivals and at least some unpredictable result?

Questions, of course, are rhetorical. Adult uncles started playing adult games in which children's health is in last place.

Fortunately, the Sochi titans and Atlanteans did not mutilate or break anyone. But for some reason, they rejoiced like children for goals scored, as if defeating not the juniors, but Bavaria or Barcelona itself.