Posted 21 июня 2020,, 20:51

Published 21 июня 2020,, 20:51

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Question of the day: why didn’t the fellow deputies see in the killer that “a woman is absolutely crap”?

Question of the day: why didn’t the fellow deputies see in the killer that “a woman is absolutely crap”?

21 июня 2020, 20:51
In Astrakhan, they found a 12-year-old child whom his own mother killed dumbbells and walled up in the wall. It turned out that the brutal massacre was the work of the former people's chosen one, the deputy from Just Russia, Galina Morozova.

March 4, Sasha asked to walk, but did not come home in the evening. Mother waited for him all night, and in the morning, when a teenager taking a walk with friends finally arrived home, Galina did not limit herself to verbal catching up. The woman, accustomed to decisive action, grabbed a heavy dumbbell and hit the guy on to the head .

Then, apparently realizing what she had done, Morozova decided to hide the murder. Who and how helped her lower the body of her youngest son into the basement and pour it with concrete, investigators are now figuring out. The very next day after the murder, the woman and her husband went to the police and wrote a statement, saying that Sasha was gone ...

The monstrous murder and even more monstrous behavior of the deputy killer after the crime caused a flurry of feedback on social networks. The famous blogger and writer Lena Miro, as always, hit not in the eyebrow, but in the eye . And not the killer, but her party colleagues:

“She is a man who kept something inside himself, and then it suddenly appeared. It was not in the mode of some kind of spontaneous flash there, as happens with choleric people. It was in a mode when something happens inside a person’s head, ” State Duma deputy from the party Oleg Shein disowned his colleague.

That is, the fool is unbalanced. Psychological, in which there is something in the head. For a long time, Galina Morozova was a member of the party. Meetings, Schmitting, participation in elections and the distribution of their opinions to voters. She performed. She spoke words about great Russia. But in reality, she turned out to be the murderer of her son ...

Party leaders, Morozova’s colleagues, are now telling horrors - they say, was a crazy fool. “What is the cause of this stress, and how it manifested itself, and how it further developed the topic into everything else, it’s hard for me to judge here, because it’s clear when a person enters into a very sharp quarrel,” Oleg Shein continued to explain.

Morozov walks and suddenly jumps - quarrels. But nothing, Shein thinks, and then goes with her to a press conference. What can I say? Didn’t you see that a woman is a cuckoo? Seen it. Why did you consider it possible to work with her and promote her on the party ladder? I have no answer to this question, to be honest. Maybe this is the norm when an uncontrollable woman in life, a potential infanticide is a public figure, and everything suits her colleagues? "

However, it is worth recognizing that the killer, who posted touching videos with her still living son in social networks, was perfectly masked.

-My situation made me wonder what I can do so that other children do not repeat the mistakes of my youngest son. How can I protect other families from the same grief as mine? Therefore, I can’t sit back, I can’t calmly look at the destruction of the best human qualities that we received during the Soviet Union. That is why, entered the movement "For New Socialism". - recently noticed Morozova in her FB.

Galina Morozova left the Just Russia party in April 2020. She was also a member of the Expert Council on the development of social and economic development programs of the AO under the Governor of the Astrakhan region, a member of the commission for the implementation of the project "Comfortable urban environment", a member of the licensing commission of the JSC for the management of multi-apartment buildings (UK).