Posted 23 июня 2020,, 20:52

Published 23 июня 2020,, 20:52

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Personal experience: how Muscovites who contracted covid-19 become the "prisoners" of Rospotrebnadzor

Personal experience: how Muscovites who contracted covid-19 become the "prisoners" of Rospotrebnadzor

23 июня 2020, 20:52
Residents of the capital who have recovered after coronavirus infection complain that Rospotrebnadzor has been refusing to release them from quarantine for more than a month, putting them essentially in the position of slaves, for whom there are no laws and regulations.

Muscovite Irina Aussem complained in her blog about the ugly attitude towards ill patients with coronavirus from officials at all levels:

“For the past week, I found myself in a situation of constant stress, which affects my physical and psychological state. The fact is that I had viral pneumonia. A doctor from the district clinic wrote out a decree that quarantined me on May 18 and gave me a referral to CT. The quarantine order was approved for 2 weeks.

As it turned out, the quarantine was extended to me until June 14 because I went to the CT, to which the doctor from the district clinic sent me (I was notified of the direction to the CT by a call from the clinic and the doctor from the same clinic gave a written direction. the doctor noted: “I don’t know how to get there. Maybe I’ll need an ambulance.” I didn’t get through to the ambulance and called a taxi. They screamed at me at the CT center for a long time that I arrived early and violated quarantine. To my comments that I They sent to CT, they answered that I myself was to blame for everything.

By the way, they did not tell me that the quarantine was really extended, and they did not give me a new resolution. Only from the social worker did I learn that I had quarantine until June 14th. The quarantine should have been removed automatically due to the expiration of the term and due to the fact that two tests for the virus (by the way, these are all tests) are negative. I thought that it was removed from quarantine, but I accidentally found out that it was not removed, still in the base of Rospotrebnadzor and the Red Cross.

Then I began to seek removal of quarantine, but could not find out who could do this. For several days, the district clinic sent me to the Clinical and Diagnostic Center No. 6, to which I was allegedly assigned, and the center - to the Polyclinic No. 146, and those - back to the district. By the way, in CDC No. 6, where I had CT scans and the first tests, they told me that my quarantine ended on June 14, but not reporting them to my district clinic is not their problem. In the district clinic, I finally managed to prove that they should solve the issue with my quarantine with them. How much it cost was a separate question, because when I called the department dealing with such issues, I was advised to call the help desk, which never answers, and the head doctor, who never comes up.

Finally, they told me yesterday that the head doctor was given the information and when he contacts other authorities, they will tell me the answer. The answer was finally reported: quarantine was denied. Moreover, it was not even reported on any basis (and there are no such reasons), nor for any period.

In essence, quarantine for me was a house arrest. After a serious illness, I am doomed to such a hassle. Due to constant tension, my hypertensive crisis follows one after another and is constantly bad with my heart. And I absolutely need to be able to leave the house: my mother lives separately from me, who is 88 years old, she suffers from severe dementia and does not get up for a long time. A nurse from a charitable organization takes care of her, but the nurse must be replaced, it is necessary to solve the problem of temporary registration of the nurse, medical and social expertise for mom, etc. I am the only who can do this.

I learned from a social worker that many of her wards are in the same position. Rospotrebnadzor (The Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing) has been refusing to release from quarantine for several months. People found themselves in the position of slaves for whom there are no laws and regulations..."