Posted 26 июня 2020,, 13:44

Published 26 июня 2020,, 13:44

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

From July 1, the new rules for Russian drivers will be introduced

From July 1, the new rules for Russian drivers will be introduced

26 июня 2020, 13:44
Фото: РБК
Innovations include a partial ban on cars and special vehicles with the right-hand drive, changes in passing the medical commission and passing the driving exams.

Starting from the second summer month, the ban will be on the import of right-hand drive dump trucks and construction equipment, minibuses, trucks with manipulators and passenger buses, Autonews reports.

The medical examination system will also undergo changes. For those drivers for whom a narcologist detects signs of alcohol and drug abuse, additional tests are suggested. For the diagnosis of alcohol consumption, laboratory tests of blood and urine are introduced.

Let us recall that it was originally supposed to make additional analyzes mandatory for all receiving or changing a driver’s license from November 22, 2019. Drivers, fearing a significant increase in the cost of passing a medical examination, were quick to get certificates in advance. This led to huge lines crowded with drug dispensaries, and in some cases even death in this very queue. Later changes were carried over to July. The head of state called the new rules "nonsense".

Also, soon the procedure for passing the theoretical part of the driving test can be adjusted. To the existing 800 exam questions today, new ones will be added regarding safe driving.

Earlier, as a measure of the “new testing system” of motorists for alcohol intoxication, the authorities proposed “mass raids”. These "special operations", which in fact risk turning into uncontrolled stops of dozens of drivers at each post, were promoted by State Duma deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov.

Let us note that in 2019 the criminal penalty for drunk driving was increased in cases where it entailed serious harm to health or the death of the victim.