Posted 26 июня 2020, 08:03

Published 26 июня 2020, 08:03

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Изображение материала

Moscow maternity hospitals will check because of babies found in the apartment

26 июня 2020, 08:03
The children's ombudsman of Moscow Olga Yaroslavskaya intends to initiate a check in maternity hospitals after five babies were found in one of the capital's apartments.

Yaroslavskaya told RIA Novosti that all the children found were born from surrogate mothers who signed a refusal to them. Investigators already have documents from the accompanying company.

The Ombudsman indicated that surrogacy was not prohibited in the country, but the coronavirus pandemic affected the adoption process abroad.

- As an ombudsman for children, I fear: are there any cases in Moscow where children who were also born as surrogate mothers and were unable to leave the country on time due to quarantine in order to go to their parents, may be in conditions that are not known to us. “I sent a request to the Department of Health, to the prosecutor’s office so that a check in the maternity hospital for receiving children by proxy would be scheduled to determine where the children are, in what condition,” Yaroslavskaya said.

She also said that the five babies found, according to doctors, are in good condition and develop according to age.

Recall that after the discovery of five newborns in a Moscow apartment, a criminal case was opened on trafficking in persons. The children were in an apartment with two women who were not their mothers. Also in the apartment were found documents in Chinese.

The babies were discovered by chance - they were found by a health professional and called the police. The situation was taken under control by the commission of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on demography, protection of the family, children and traditional family values, RIA Novosti reported.