Posted 27 июня 2020,, 20:52

Published 27 июня 2020,, 20:52

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

The Ministry of Defense published a video of the interception of US aircraft over the Black Sea

27 июня 2020, 20:52
The Russian Ministry of Defense posted a video of the interception of US Air Force aircraft over the neutral waters of the Black Sea by a Russian Su-30 fighter.

The video is posted on the Youtube channel of the military department.

On the eve of June 26, the RIA Novosti agency, citing the Ministry of Defense, reported that the crew of the Su-30 fighter of the Black Sea Fleet naval aviation identified the US Navy's P-8A Poseidon patrol aircraft, the RC-135 strategic reconnaissance aircraft and the US Air Force KS-135 refueling aircraft.

As soon as the Russian fighter approached the American aircraft at a safe distance, they immediately changed the direction of flight away from the state border of the Russian Federation.

The Russian military department stressed that the flight of the Su-30 was in strict accordance with international rules for the use of airspace.

On June 10, two American aircraft were seen near the borders of the Russian Federation near the Krasnodar Territory and Crimea. They spent almost three hours in the air near the Russian border, after which they returned to the base. It was reported that one of them was a U.S. Air Force RC-135W reconnaissance aircraft, which flew Wednesday from the Mildenhall British base towards the country's borders, and the second was a U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon patrol anti-submarine aircraft, which arrived from the military base of Sigonella in Italy.