Posted 28 июня 2020, 20:46

Published 28 июня 2020, 20:46

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American scientists have discovered that coronavirus has "sinister tentacles"

28 июня 2020, 20:46
An international group of scientists led by American experts from the University of California at San Francisco found that coronavirus has a previously unknown dangerous property that allows it to release "rames" that resemble tentacles in order to quickly spread throughout the body.

It is reported by the Financial Times.

As Professor Nevan Krogan, the head of the research, told the newspaper, the cells of a new type of coronavirus have long “sinister” threads that pierce the shells of healthy cells and begin to control them.

"Our hypothesis is that they accelerate infection", - the professor explained.

Studies have shown that many viruses do not have the ability to grow such tentacles. The discovery of scientists suggested the selection of a number of drugs that can counteract the coronavirus. It is noted that some of them were created at one time for the treatment of cancer.

A little earlier, an article was published in the American scientific journal Science, in which mathematicians at Stockholm University reported that for the formation of collective immunity to coronavirus, it is necessary that antibodies form in at least 40-45% of the world's population. It was previously said about 60%.

According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, the total number of detected cases of COVID-19 infection in 188 countries of the world exceeded nine and a half million people. About five million inhabitants of the planet who became infected with coronavirus recovered, more than 498 thousand people died.