Posted 29 июня 2020,, 15:29

Published 29 июня 2020,, 15:29

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

"Gozman would have gone to ashes, but Makarevich would fit on a lampshade": TV overstepped the bounds of propriety

"Gozman would have gone to ashes, but Makarevich would fit on a lampshade": TV overstepped the bounds of propriety

29 июня 2020, 15:29
On the state television channel fascist slogans are expressed utterly openly and accompanied by the chuckle of the audience.

Civil society activist Andrei Potylitsyn could not bypass and not to put attention on the disgusting statement of the journalist Igor Korotchenko on the air of Russia-1 TV channel:

“In Skabeyeva’s program the editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine Igor Korotchenko told that under the Reich Gozman would have gone to the ashes, and Makarevich - to the lampshade. And he would also send Sobol to rot in a German's brothel... At the same time, their photographs were shown on the screen...

Even the tv-presenters were shocked. Skabeyeva’s husband even tried to soften this episode a little bit...

Cripes! The real heavy begun then...

Yes, it has begun. And the name of it is fascism..."

The journalist Igor Eidman responded even more emotionally:

"It is not the first time that propagandists have "joked" that today's anti-Stalinist Jews would have gone to lampshades during the times of the Third Reich. Several years ago, the journalist Scoybeda regretted that this did not happen. Now the editor of the military magazine Igor Korotchenko has distinguished himself. In Skabeyeva’s program he said that Gozman would go to ashes under the Nazis, and Makarevich - to the lampshade. At the same time their photos were shown on the screen. It means that it was not an impromptu, but an action aligned with the editors of the program.

To the propagandists, apparently, this seems insanely funny. They directly even jump with pleasure: "how cute we've poked fun at the Jews!". However, I do not feel hurt. Of course, my fate under the Nazi regime would have been, to put it mildly, joyless. But this is completely natural. I would be offended only by the assumption that it could be different. Me and Nazism (Stalinism, Putinism) are incompatible things. Under Hitler I could exist only in the form of a lampshade (Skoybeda and Korotchenko may have rejoice), under Stalin - as camp dust, and under Putin - in exile (lucky, i've escaped with a whole skin in the right time).

But Russian propagandists such as Korotchenko, Skabeyeva, Kiselyov or Solovyov can be proud - Nazis would not make the lampshades from them. The Nazis knew how to effectively use scoundrels-provocateurs and would find a more advantageous appliance for them. Solovyov could become the second Stella Goldschlag: he would enter, using his Jewish origin, into trust and surrender to the Gestapo of hiding Jews. Kiselyov is an important bird, he would work at Goebbels’s Ministry of Propaganda. Skabeyeva - a simpler lady, would work for inexpensive in Der Stürmer at Streicher. Well, the majority of Putin’s propagandists, security officers, and officials would write leaflets in the style of “beat up the Y......”. They would work as security guards in concentration camps or serve as punishers in the occupied territories. Their moral and professional qualities perfectly correspond to such a career.

The transition from one form of fascism to another would have been easy for propagandists. Instead of Americans, Ukrainians, and Gay-Europeans, with the same words, they would curse Jews, Bolsheviks, and Plutocrats. Instead of the Russian world, they would glorify the German Reich. They would return to the native harbor not Crimea, but Austria and the Sudetenland. Bigotry and hate in attitude to the liberals, pacifists, gays, Jehovists (a religious organization banned in the Russian Federation, - ed.), Feminists, the USA, and Poland would have survived, as well as an overwhelming level of xenophobia, drum-thumping jingoism and hysteria, bravura arrogance, militarism, a cult of war and weapons. The retraining from Putin to Goebbels propagandists would take no more than one day.

So they would have everything in hotsy-totsy under the Nazis. Let them be proud. And we would only fit on lampshades in Reich. Well, it’s better to be the victims than the executioners..."