Posted 8 июля 2020,, 09:44

Published 8 июля 2020,, 09:44

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Authorities allowed to issue vouchers instead of money for the canceled flights

Authorities allowed to issue vouchers instead of money for the canceled flights

8 июля 2020, 09:44
The Russian government approved a decree that allows airlines not to return money to their customers for airline tickets, but to issue vouchers instead.

According to the document, in case of an emergency or a threat of its occurrence or in the case of the introduction of a high alert, the airline has the right to change the terms of the contract or cancel the flight, returning the funds spent on the ticket to the client. But if the passenger refuses the flight, then the obligation to deliver it to the destination indicated on the ticket becomes invalid.

- The carrier is obliged, within three years from the date of departure of the flight to accept the amount of the paid freight charge as payment for air transportation services, - the RIA Novosti quotes the text of the document.

This condition will allow the passenger to purchase a new boarding pass in any other direction against the amount that he spent on buying a ticket. In addition, funds may be spent on other services of the company.

But if the passenger does not buy a ticket in three years, or uses the carrier’s other services, only then he can count on a refund. World War II veterans will be able to count on returning money earlier, as well as people with disabilities of the first and second groups, people accompanying a disabled person of the first group or a disabled child of the second group, large families.

Let us recall that recently, Aeroflot passengers, dissatisfied with replacing money with vouchers, wrote a petition called "Aeroflot, return our money! We do not need vouchers!” The author of the petition pointed out that during the pandemic, when many citizens remained in an extremely difficult financial situation, the giant carrier began to compensate for the canceled tickets vouchers. At the same time travel agencies freeze payment on deposit.

At the same time, Aeroflot received numerous complaints for the constant evasion of a refund. Citizens pointed out that the airline does not want to return funds even when flights are canceled on its initiative, violating its own client agreement.