Posted 13 июля 2020,, 17:08

Published 13 июля 2020,, 17:08

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Compacting by the default. Why the schedule of the resettlement upon the renovation project is hidden from Muscovites

Compacting by the default. Why the schedule of the resettlement upon the renovation project is hidden from Muscovites

13 июля 2020, 17:08
When the resettlement schedule is published is one of the main issues that interests participants in the renovation program. People should not live in ignorance and constant tension until 2032, namely, the program is designed for this period.

Klim Likhachev, lawyer of the Moscow Group for the Protection of the Rights of Muscovites in the implementation of the renovation program

The schedule would have shown Muscovites not only the dates of their relocation from old houses to new ones, but, on the whole, the plans of the Moscow government to develop the districts. In addition, after the publication of the schedule, it will become clear how many houses, apartments and floors will be erected directly for the resettlement of residents, and how many will be sold in the interests of the construction lobby on the market outside the program, how densely, in the end, the green areas of Moscow will be built up and what the load will fall on the current Moscow social and transport infrastructure.

Since the start of the program, the date of publication of the resettlement schedule for the general public has been repeatedly rescheduled. The latest amendment to the Moscow Government Decree of August 01, 2017 No. 497 - the PP made a new decree on December 26, 2019 No. 1855-PP: then the deadline was changed to a date no later than June 30, 2020. The most interesting thing is that in February and March 2020, senior officials from the structures of the urban development complex, responsible for the implementation of the program, assured the townspeople that the coronavirus pandemic would not interfere with the preparation of the schedule, and Muscovites would timely find out how, where and when they would be resettled.

It's already July... Muscovites began to be outraged en masse in social networks, hundreds of letters arrived at our Working Group. And only under pressure from the public, the Moscow City Architecture Committee publicly stated that the publication deadline was postponed to the end of 2020 ... in connection with the surviving coronavirus pandemic.

The working group, together with deputies of the Moscow City Duma, regional activists and experts of the renovation program, analyzed the situation and came to the conclusion that coronavirus is not a good reason for another postponement of the resettlement schedule. Moreover, there is a belief that no graphics will be published at all. This is confirmed by the facts. The notorious schedule was promised from the start of the program in 2017, and this circumstance played an important role when residents decided to enter the renovation. For three years, he never showed up, people sitting on their suitcases unpacked them several times before waiting for new housing, and no one in the Moscow government took any responsibility for failure to meet deadlines and outright deceit of Muscovites. And they won’t suffer for a new breakdown, since the “promises” are not legally fixed, these are just words, another PR campaign to maintain interest in the program.

Here, for example, residents of the Nagorny District write to us: “This document was needed much earlier, because without it, it is impossible to conduct a public hearing on the planning of neighborhoods that have been renovated. Residents of five-story buildings, on the site of which new urban blocks were presented under the projects, did not understand when and where they would be relocated previously, since it is supposed to build new ones in place of their houses. "These questions have been repeatedly asked during the full-time part of the PS in Nagorny, but still we are offered to buy a pig in a poke".

The residents are supported by the deputy of the Moscow City Duma from the Communist Party Viktor Maximov:

“The relocation schedule has not been delayed for the first time. People need to plan their future. Someone wants to make repairs, not hoping for benefactors from renovation, someone on the contrary is waiting for a speedy relocation to a new apartment and lives in a nervous waiting mode. It is necessary to clarify the process and finally provide Muscovites with specific schedules and dates for their resettlement”

In my opinion, the lack of schedules and terms of resettlement does not indicate negligence of representatives of Moscow departments, but an attempt to conceal the most important information from Muscovites who became participants in the program. Renovation was not previously under the control of Muscovites, but now it is already a question of phasing out all the gains and guarantees that we achieved at rallies in 2017, city actions and persistent collective appeals to the State Duma and the presidential administration. What is the result? Already, renovation has turned into a large-scale spot development, which does not require the consent of residents in view of the simplified "renovation regime", under the cover of an allegedly social program. But any point development in Moscow is a serious burden on social and transport infrastructure, it is cutting down parks and squares, reducing parking spaces in the interests of compact commercial development. We make inquiries to the departments of the construction complex: explain what is happening? There are no answers. The longer this silence, the more suspicion that the interest of officials in the renovation program is reduced only to the seizure of expensive capital land, which at all costs must be freed from Muscovites. This is openly stated by the deputy of the Moscow City Duma from Just Russia, Mikhail Timonov:

“I think that initially the publication of the resettlement schedule was not planned. The plots will go into "renovation" when the developer who wants to get them will find mutual understanding with those officials on whom it depends. The opinion of owners who have given up for renovation does not weigh much. They have already signed up”

The deputy of the Moscow City Duma from the Communist Party Dmitry Loktev, believes that a wave of tension around the renovation is caused by incompetence of specialists and the leadership of the MKA, and this incompetence becomes a driver of protest even among the "ousters". “But the reasons, most likely deeper, are the necessity of processing projects where huge funds are pledged, much higher than market prices. Moreover, as far as I know, these plans should be in the full package of PPT, but the committee hides them in every possible way. It is worth noting that, according to my information, underground parking is being removed from a number of projects, which raises the question of compliance with standards for parking spaces”.

Not only parking lots, but also kindergartens, schools, infrastructure for a normal comfortable life in previously well-maintained areas are being cleaned. With a thorough analysis of planning projects - each separately - this is very clearly visible, notes the moderator of the group on fb Moskvichi Against Demolition, network analyst Nikolai Belov. It is clear that City Hall is not interested in reducing projects together and present a resettlement plan, they will drag with it indefinitely, pinching out five-story buildings and suppressing the discontent of certain groups of residents by force.

“Apparently, the mayor’s office is afraid that not all program participants will like what has been developed,” Belov said. “For example, it’s hard to imagine that there were many who want to go to Signalny Passage to the industrial zone, where the waste sorting plant is located and where the Renovation Fund bought a huge land plot for the construction of large volumes of housing”

Golovino district activist Anton Chunchuzov draws the attention of Muscovites that if you look at the 282-decree of the Moscow government dated 01-04-2018, which governs the composition and procedure for coordinating planning projects, you will find that, firstly, all resettlement schemes and schedules were ready for the moment the projects were presented at public hearings and were in the substantiation of the projects. Another thing is that they were illegally hidden from citizens at the hearing. Secondly, following the stages of going through the planning project, after a public hearing and some work to “take into account opinions”, the planning project is agreed by the executive authorities of Moscow and then published in the manner prescribed by law. The official publication of the regulatory act of Moscow is preceded by the publication of its draft and the so-called anti-corruption expertise. So, all the projects presented at the hearings in the fall and at the spring discussions were published in the form of draft normative acts (decrees) in the section “Anti-corruption expertise” on the website of the Moscow Architecture Committee (subdomain This means that in principle there can be no work, no changes. That is, it’s over, maybe, if suddenly the anti-corruption expertise reveals the corruption potential in these projects, but in order to present such an option, you need to fall into the extreme degree of romantic fantasies.

“So the diagrams and graphs have been around for a long time. Why they are not being published now, one can only guess, ”writes Anton Chunchuzov.“ My guess is that at the Sobyaninsky headquarters, it seems, they began to guess that the money is finite and that the plans will have to be changed a little, stretching the planned budget expenditures over time. But budget expenditures are the revenues of elected people, which you won’t be able to dismiss just like that: they say, wait, we have problems here. That's the kind of coordination that Sobyanin, the CEO of Moscow Corporation, is trying to arrange with the Board of Directors, I’m ready to believe. And answering the question of how coronavirus is a convincing “valid” reason for postponing the approval of PPT and publishing schedules / schemes, I can only say that this is a poorly thought-out imaginary reason. Nevertheless, they remember that the coronavirus did not stop imitating public discussions, and various kinds of Moscow officials cheerfully report how they work effectively in self-isolation”.

Anastasia Kryuchkova, an activist of the Moscow Muscovites Rights Protection Group during the implementation of the renovation program, an activist of the Don region, points out another aspect of the problem related to concealing resettlement plans:

“The reasons for the postponement of the schedule, most likely, lie in the fear of discontent among citizens - after all, in almost 100% of cases, resettlement now goes to less equipped neighborhoods, further from the metro and public transport, schools and kindergartens. Moreover, this schedule should very clearly show Muscovites the crazy increase in density that awaits them after the resettlement. This means a drop in the value of their property, worsening living conditions. But an explosion of discontent, with a high degree of probability, will inevitably follow when the schedule is published, which will further fuel the situation in Moscow. All this must have been calculated on the eve of the July 1 constitutional vote. We just decided to move the schedule away from sin for another six months. So the reason is most likely purely political. But it’s not at all technical, as the Moscow Architecture Committee is trying to convince us ineptly.

The Moscow City Duma deputies from pro-government factions responsible for the implementation of the program in the legislative assembly, Elena Nikolaeva and Alexander Kozlov ignored the question of the Working Group about the violation of the terms and schedule of the resettlement. They have, as always, with renovation, "everything is fine, everything is going according to plan." The Working Group and the opposition deputies of the Moscow City Duma and municipalities have thousands of complaints and appeals from Muscovites that the renovation turned in the wrong direction. We warn about this the executive power of the city and the “fathers of renovation”, who have played too much in the point building. While they remain silent, residents throughout Moscow continue to protest, go to solitary pickets and file lawsuits in court to protect their rights. As a lawyer, I am glad that Muscovites are awakening civic identity. As a resident of Moscow, he would prefer that the authorities do not hide and hide Muscovites and do not set traps for them on the way to renovation, which they themselves promised.