Posted 12 июля 2020,, 22:25

Published 12 июля 2020,, 22:25

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Yefremov’s friend: “Misha’s family will go into poverty without his help”

Yefremov’s friend: “Misha’s family will go into poverty without his help”

12 июля 2020, 22:25
Restaurateur Tatyana Berkovich, who knows Yefremov closely, spoke about what is happening in the actor’s family.

Moscow restaurateur Tatyana Berkovich, who has been friends with Mikhail Yefremov for more than a quarter of a century, told StarHit about what is happening in the family of the famous artist. It should be noted that Tatyana was the first to arrive at the scene of that tragic accident, in the circumstances of which the investigation is now being investigated. Then she told KP reporters:

“I saw Misha in a police car, he was sitting in the back seat. She came up and asked him: "How are you?" Such a horror... It was the man who just got a club on the head. I felt him. He asked what happened to the guy from the other car. And he asked me to go to his hospital ...".

Now, according to Berkovich, the Efremov family is preparing for difficult times:

“Vera, the eldest girl, is 16 years old, she will definitely be able to help her mother. Instead of playing with her friends and taking a walk, she will probably have to go moonlighting. Because there are two more minor children - Nadia and Borya. The family is preparing for the worst, for being left alone. They understand this very well.


Misha has six children. And a number of people in charge. Do you know how much he simply helps in life, how many people count on him? And if Michael goes to jail, then, in addition to his family and children, there will be other people who will suffer. But the main thing I want to say is all illusion. Misha is not a rich man. Yes, I bought a cottage in Jurmala - does it look like a palace? Yes, an apartment in Plotnikovoy - well, look what kind of apartment it is. He earns as much as he spends. And not for yourself. She dresses fairly modestly, drives a regular car, there have never been any big frills around Yefremov. His wife Sophia also works, she is a sound engineer, and she always worked - it doesn’t matter if her husband earned more or less. Misha was never a major with a golden spoon, except in childhood, maybe.


One daughter loves math, talented. Others - I don’t see yet. Anna Maria in general is not clear what she is doing - some kind of nonsense. I would have gone if she had already worked as a waitress - it’s very useful, she’s airing her brains when you run around with a tray for 10 hours. And you will not dye your hair green, you won’t carry strange things. Well, her business. Nikita and Nikolasha I really love. They are already adults, independent.


It seems to me that for Misha this is like rebirth, rethinking. I think when, God willing, this is all over, we will see a completely different person - a different scale of actor, director and, probably, writer. Because if a person of such a warehouse as Efremov takes up a pen, he will have something to say. So the nerve is so exposed, so in life everything has been distorted... To warn, to warn. He will be reborn. And it will be even more beautiful, more talented, stronger spiritually..."