Posted 14 июля 2020,, 11:29

Published 14 июля 2020,, 11:29

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A photo of Putin and Trump autographed by both presidents is on sale

A photo of Putin and Trump autographed by both presidents is on sale

14 июля 2020, 11:29
$ 32,500 -this is the cost of the unique photo taken in 2018 during the Helsinki summit, which depicts the presidents of Russia and the United States, shaking hands.

The American publication Page six, an influential resource with the exclusive news about celebrities, politicians and businessmen, writes in this regard that the fact that this photograph is put up for sale for such an amount is the evidence "that even an international crisis can prove profitable for some opportunists".

Page six notes that this is "the only known jointly signed photo of the two leaders", signed by both of them. The name of the author of the photo or the name of the news agency for which the photograph was taken is not specified.

The photo, according to Page six, is up for sale on, which, as stated in the description, is engaged in "selling and buying autographs, letters, signed photographs and manuscripts." The cost of photography is 32,500 dollars.

A NI correspondent examined the site, but didn’t find a photo of Putin and Trump, someone probably already bought it, or it is available upon a special request.


Both presidents in the photo “look pally”, the article notes.

Immediately after this photo was taken, Trump “sided with Russia in the conflict with the FBI,” expressing the opposite opinion to the American intelligence services about our country's interference in the US elections, and stating that “Russia had no reason to intervene in 2016 in the presidential election".

“Trump then said: “President Putin says it’s not Russia. I don’t see any reason why it would be”, - informs Page six.

However, "the evidence gathered by special counsel Robert Mueller told a different story”, - the publication notes.

Next comes the story of photography. According to Page six, this photo, shortly after the Russia and the US summit in Helsinki, was firstly signed by Putin for a Russian government employee.

Then, through an intermediary, the same person sent it to an American Republican insider, who, in turn, asked Trump to sign a photo during the event last year.

Page six writes that "the captured picture is now especially relevant, given the current fiasco of Russia and the Taliban * in intelligence, which prompted the Democrats to launch attacks on Trump."

“I believe that the president (Trump) is not close to tough enough on Vladimir Putin”, - cites Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer as saying.

And CNN, meanwhile, according to Page six, describes Putin and Trump calls as “two guys in a steam bath".

* The Supreme Court of Russia recognized the Taliban as a terrorist organization on February 14, 2003; the organization is banned in Russia).