Posted 14 июля 2020,, 16:06

Published 14 июля 2020,, 16:06

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A terrible revenge: the offended mother accused her daughter's teacher of pedophilia

A terrible revenge: the offended mother accused her daughter's teacher of pedophilia

14 июля 2020, 16:06
The head of the children's theater studio was arrested at the slander of the mother of his negligent student.

The theater critic Olga Yegoshina told the extremely unpleasant story about how to permanently send an innocent person into custody for a long time:

“A leap year - it's such a leap year. It already seems that you will not be surprised at anything, but again you are. Another mess. Probably, one of the colleagues knows Sasha Berezkin, beloved student of Vadim Moiseevich Gaevsky. In life, Sasha consciously chose theater classes with “the purest souls” - schoolchildren. I went to work as a teacher in a school and led a theater group. He was engaged in "poetry theater", they put literature at the level of "Little Tragedies". And so, for 29 years, he received letters and titles (including the honored teacher of Russia).

And a year ago, a 10-year-old girl, not distinguished by discipline, thwarted the play "Tom Sawyer." Of course, he was upset, scolded the girl and removed from the role. Then the girl’s mother wrote a statement about “sexual harassment”, sending him to school and the police. He was summoned for interrogation, demanded characteristics from the place of work.

A survey of the parents of ALL children involved in the theater was conducted. Parents defended everything as one. The matter was so obvious, the slander was so obvious that both at school, and in the police, mother was twisted at the temple. The girl stopped going to the theater club. And the Berezkin family forgot about this ridiculous story.

But here, for all the irons, the case of the historian Dmitriev is persuaded (the same sucked from the finger, but still not releasing his victim). And our mother, who cannot calm down, writes a new complaint. On the night of Saturday to Sunday, they search him, seize all the gadgets, his wife, his 16-year-old son (by the way, in the same theater studio of his father engaged in). Sasha is arrested and taken away in handcuffs. And now he is now sitting in the cell. I am writing and my hands are shaking. A man is sitting in a cell simply because of the malice of one inadequate woman. Why for the first time sorted out competently and humanly: they called, interrogated, interrogated. Why is there such a circus with horses now?

This "Berezkin incident" is terrible precisely because of its routine. And it concerns anyone. Somewhere, someone has a plan for pedophiles who need to be identified, the next one will readily accuse anyone of any horrors... Check her words? What for. And now - the camera, frightened relatives, a feeling of complete powerlessness...

Where to scream? For a famous person, at least the media and bloggers will intervene in a childish way (everyone likes them). And to unknown people what to do???"

Needless to say, what kind of indignation caused this post among the readers of Egoshina. Some of them shared their experience on how to behave in such situations:

- Full publicity!!!!!! Due to the rudeness and impunity of one of the students, the very school director who released a galaxy of excellent performers became a pedophile at the music school where my two daughters went... I have been running a theater studio for children and teenagers in a private educational institution for 12 years. I safeguarded myself with the fact that I always lead the training with wide open doors and at all meetings I loudly invite my parents to all rehearsals... God had mercy. The teacher must be defended. I can not resist and do not finish it: in our educational institution, they necessarily teach music, except for the secondary school curriculum. Two years ago, one “beautiful young lady” from the 8th grade “fell in love” with a young piano teacher and, in order to “take revenge”, she told everyone that he molested her. The staff rang out, and I went into the classroom and told the young and brisk about all the criminal lawsuits and fines that await her and her family if libel continues. Calmed down. But it’s just caught in time for the tongue!!! And then... A nightmare...

The wife of the injured teacher Anna Berezina thanks his colleagues for their sympathy:

Thank you for not leaving Sasha. What can I say to those who do not know Sasha.... That my husband is 47 years old and has been involved in children's theater all his life. That we do not have individual lessons, and at least 10 people are always present at rehearsals, not counting the parents, that the doors to our hall are always open and all the time there are curious people during rehearsals, that in the end we are always at work together, because that we have one thing - the children's repertory theater... we have always been together for 23 years already - at work, at home, in the theater, on the weekend. Always together. I have nothing more to say. Thank you all for your support..."

And, of course, almost all agree on one thing: the teacher Berezin must definitely file a counterclaim against her mother accusing her of defamation. Evil must be punished.