Posted 14 июля 2020,, 08:46

Published 14 июля 2020,, 08:46

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But you better mind your own affairs... Defenders of nature in Moscow are sent to the police and fined

But you better mind your own affairs... Defenders of nature in Moscow are sent to the police and fined

14 июля 2020, 08:46
Active Muscovites discovered a bright turquoise “lake” near the Polymetal Plant in the Saburovo area, suspecting that it was a drain of chemical waste.

People called the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and the security called the police, who took six environmentalists to the police department and issued subpoenas for July 14 to issue the fines...

Oleg Goryunov

To prevent the ecological catastrophe, which the locals already nicknamed as "Nornickel in Miniature" an initiative group of Pechatniki district residents arrived, six people - two girls and four men. Among them was Yekaterina Maksimova, here is what she said in an interview with NI:

Цвет у "озера" красивый, но состав явно опасныйЦвет у "озера" красивый, но состав явно опасный
Цвет у "озера" красивый, но состав явно опасный

- At the end of May, a huge turquoise puddle, a whole lake appeared on the radioactive burial ground... There clearly were some chemical waste, because the Polymetal Plant, around which the radioactive dump was formed, was also involved in the chemistry things. Our residents wrote a request to the Department of Road and Bridge Construction (UDMS) about what kind of the chemistry it is. We received an answer that the water from the puddle will be pumped out using filters and disposed of somewhere in accordance with the rules .

On June 10, environmentalists received a message saying that “disposal in accordance with the rules” had begun. They arrived at the scene, but found no guards, no utilizers, no one. But they got an amazing picture: someone just dug a trench from the "lake" along the slope leading to the railway platform, here is a video that recorded a violation of environmental laws:

"Indeed, local workers stupidly dug a ditch to drain the water from this puddle onto the slope into the forest, and then towards the platform! And this is after what happened with Norilsk Nickel. No filters - just dumping possible chemical waste into nature. This is a criminal article...", - said environmental interviewer Yekaterina Maksimova in an interview with NI.

Further events unfolded in a criminal-police style: out of nowhere, there was a guard of the object - "without badges, without uniforms, such bald strong horsemen with beards".

Muscovites called the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and security called the police.

The police had complaints against ... civil activists - they were accused of entering a guarded facility, placed in a police custody and taken to the police department to compose explanatory notes.

In response to such actions by law enforcement officers, six daredevils wrote a joint statement, says Yekaterina Maksimova:

Образец повестки, полученной защитниками природыОбразец повестки, полученной защитниками природы
Образец повестки, полученной защитниками природы

- We wrote a joint statement on checking the fact of waste discharge to the platform. And also all six of us, including two deputies, were given subpoenas to appear at the Department of Internal Affairs on Tuesday to decide to institute an administrative case, that is, penetration of a guarded facility!

We already wrote that the police dispersed the opponents of the construction of the Southeast Chord, which, according to Muscovites, goes near the radioactive waste repository, preserved from Soviet times.

The described events happened there, and the police, it seems, if they changed their attitude towards environmentalists, then only towards the application of material sanctions against them.

In social networks, a witty comment has already appeared on this subject:

Igor Korovin: Again, these balamutes, paid from abroad, who are not even residents of the indicated slope, do not allow the most honest and open organization in Russia Radon FSUE to work calmly. Which acts in strict accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation and the city of Moscow. PS Do you think the press will take me as a secretary to the city hall?)))

Dmitry Sarayev: In general, instead of prosecuting Radon employees for the barbaric work, they decided to prosecute activists who identified violations.

Задержание, повестка, штраф - будешь знать, как защищать родную природу!Задержание, повестка, штраф - будешь знать, как защищать родную природу!
Задержание, повестка, штраф - будешь знать, как защищать родную природу!

Mila Vinogradova: It seems that in modern Russia the concept of "justice" is absent from the word at all.. Some kind of kingdom of crooked mirrors.

A separate discussion deserves the actions caused by the environmentalists of Moscow of the Ministry of Emergencies.

"An EMERCOM officer arrived and left. He promised that a special laboratory would arrive to check, but the residents did not wait for anyone. The discharge of chemicals continued even after our detention. Norilsk did not teach Moscow officials and EMERCOM personnel anything", - says Yekaterina Maximova.

An administrative fine was issued to all six Moscow nature conservationists on July 14.


Moscow is the first city in Russia in which the environmental police was created - the Office for the Suppression of Offenses in the Field of Environmental Protection. The capital became the first city in the Russian Federation in which it was abolished - this happened in October 2010...