Posted 14 июля 2020,, 16:02

Published 14 июля 2020,, 16:02

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The attraction of generosity! The richest people asked to take their money to fight the covid-19

The attraction of generosity! The richest people asked to take their money to fight the covid-19

14 июля 2020, 16:02
The super-rich demanded that the authorities of their countries impose higher taxes on their income. Russians were not among them.

A group of 83 people, among the richest people in the world, called on governments to raise taxes on super-wealth in order to quickly restore the economy after the coronavirus crisis, media reported .

Irina Ziganshina

On the eve of the G20 summit that will take place this weekend, 83 millionaires from North America and Western Europe (and not a single representative of Russia) published an open letter to governments calling for introducing the higher taxes on people like they are. Among those whose names are written under the appeal are Ben and Jerry's ice cream company owner Jerry Greenfield, Disney heiress Abigail Disney, British film director Richard Curtis.

“When COVID-19 appears in the world, millionaires like us play a crucial role in healing the world”, - the letter says. –No, we do not care for patients in intensive care units. Do not drive ambulances. We do not replenish stores and do not deliver products door to door. But we have money, a lot of money. This money is very necessary right now and will be needed in the coming years, while the world will recover”.

One of the paradoxes of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus is that the number of supermillionaires continues to grow, and the richest people in the world are becoming wealthier. Now in the world there are more than 500,000 people classified as "super-rich", that is, with a fortune of more than $ 30 million - this is more than the population of Iceland or Malta. And the richest man in the world, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, earned $ 75 billion this year alone, bringing his fortune to a record 189 billion.

Many rich people did not inactive after the appearance of the coronavirus. The same Bezos, for example, donated $ 100 million to fight the disease. However, this amount is less than 0.1% of its condition. According to the authors of the open letter, “the problems that COVID-19 caused and laid bare cannot be solved only with the help of charity, no matter how generous it may be. Heads of government should take responsibility for raising the necessary funds and their fair spending. We are indebted to the people who work at the forefront of this global battle. Most are underpaid for the burden they are forced to bear. ”

Millionaires also urged politicians to “fight global inequality and recognize that taxation of the rich and greater international tax transparency are necessary for the long-term solution of problems”.

In the photo: among the signatories of the open letter of millionaires there is British film director Richard Curtis, Disney successor Abigail Disney and the owner of Ben and Jerry's ice cream company Jerry Greenfield.