Posted 16 июля 2020,, 07:39

Published 16 июля 2020,, 07:39

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Belarus canceled two-week isolation for those who arrive from Russia

Belarus canceled two-week isolation for those who arrive from Russia

16 июля 2020, 07:39
Last day, the Prime Minister of Belarus announced the imminent full opening of the border and the resumption of communication between Russia and Belarus. Limitations were introduced in the spring due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

On the eve of the lifting of these restrictions, Belarus no longer requires isolation from the guests from Russia.

The cancellation of the two-week isolation for those who came from Russia was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Health of Belarus.

"Previously, it was adopted a decree of the Government, according to which all arriving in Belarus from countries where there are cases of infection with a coronavirus, are required to undergo a 14-day self-imposed isolation in their place of residence or stay in this list were 169 countries, including Russia in the republic", - notes agency RIA Novosti.

Last month, the Belarusian authorities excluded 50 countries from this list, and at the beginning of July another 12 countries, but both times Russia did not get on the list. At the same time, on July 2, resident of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that his country had already triumphed over coronavirus infection, although it did not reduce the degree of fight against it.

"The Russian side is monitoring the situation based on its epidemiological situation. As we understood, it is expected that transport links will be resumed in the coming days", - Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko said last day. No specific date was given. Belarus Ambassador to Russia Vladimir Semashko said earlier that this could happen in late July - early August. The Russians, meanwhile, are already discussing options for how to escape abroad with closed borders. The most popular destination is Turkey. Russians are invited to get there through Belarus , but the Rospotrebnadzor warned fellow citizens against such attempts.

The total number of detected cases of coronavirus infection in Belarus reached 65443, 480 people died from it.