Posted 17 июля 2020, 12:36

Published 17 июля 2020, 12:36

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Kafka's style sex: time after time, states turn the intimate sphere of life into a complete absurdity

17 июля 2020, 12:36
All countries that try to regulate sexual relations create intolerable conditions for these relations.

When the state fails all practical tasks - it creeps into the sex life of people, - the popular blogger Alexander Rozov is sure, and adds that this thesis is true for any large modern state from the group of developed or developing (1st and 3rd world) - be then China, USA, India, Russia, Germany, or the European Union as a whole.

Rozov explains this because the economic failure this year has become so deep that it is unlikely to be overcome in the coming years, and especially in the social sphere, where the situation is catastrophic - it has become criminal and toxic: “Legal procedures (including legislative, judicial and executive) broke away from common sense and social reality - completely.

Key figures in world politics: a mentally unhealthy minor Swede, a dead Negro addict, and an Ethiopian corrupt man with a magic wand in the form of a fake pandemic.

“How then, with the absolute senselessness of the whole system as a whole, to avoid the worst corruption of officials?” (Franz Kafka. The Process, 1915).

“The current justice, obviously, is to condemn a person not only innocent, but also ignorant” (ibid.).

In the 20th century, Kafka’s “Process” was considered an acute political satire. Today, he seems to be a brilliant forecast, mesmerizing by the accuracy of wording in relation to the XXI century...

“We were born to make Kafka come true” (Vagrich Bakhchanyan).

Rozov is sure that the large states of the 1st and 3rd world in the 21st century failed absolutely all the practical tasks that they took up, and therefore, turned their eyes to deep regulation of the sexual sphere...

First, someone formulated a set of agendas:

1 - Sexual harassment.

2 - Sexual orientation.

3 - Sexual inequality (for traditional and non-traditional orientations)

4 - Sexual relations with minors (including any question about the "age of consent").

5 - Images (photos, videos) with the alleged sexual meaning.

6 - Domestic violence.

7 - Prostitution (how can one do without it?)

8 - Abortion (how without them?)

9 - Religion in relation to all of the above (what would be without it?)

10 - surrogates for sexual gratification (sex robots - how without them if a digital information era with the cult of mobile applications and service robots is proclaimed).

And states based on these dogmas began to pursue sexual policy, disfiguring people's lives. Rozov notes three main points:

a) All sexual deviations appeared due to the state-religious policy in the field of family, marriage, sex, childbearing and parenting. Archaic pre-state societies do not have a single problem in this area.

b) By the 21st century, in developed and developing countries, the institution of the normative family has become absurd - it’s a simulacrum, a model of a real non-existent phenomenon that operates on real non-existent subjects of relations, and the declared relations themselves are meaningless.

c) Each additional legal or bureaucratic movement of the state in this area only deepens the absurdity. Moreover, it does not matter which way this movement is.

The Western world advocates freedom of choice of sexual orientation and full equality of all sexes and orientations. But in the end it turns out nonsense.

But in Russia, Iran and similar countries they defend the "traditional" orientation, discriminate against the "non-traditional". And also nonsense.

In the West, they protect women and children from harassment and domestic violence. As a result - nonsense.

Domestic violence is decriminalized in Russia and Iran. All the same - nonsense.

“In Germany and the Netherlands legalized prostitution - it turned out nonsense. In Sweden and France, the clients of prostitutes were criminalized - it turned out nonsense. In several countries, sex was criminalized without legal consent - it turned out nonsense ... Nonsense turned out to be everywhere, because the state is simply not able to regulate the sexual sphere.

Any more or less peaceful and not quite impoverished country where sex is deregulated will look like a paradise for people in a sexually active age...