Posted 17 июля 2020,, 11:32

Published 17 июля 2020,, 11:32

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The program of gangster patriotism: why is the party of Prilepin not accused of extremism?

The program of gangster patriotism: why is the party of Prilepin not accused of extremism?

17 июля 2020, 11:32
Each line in the campaign for the party “For Truth”, headed by writer Prilepin, breathes both calls for terrorism and excuses for it, and yet, this party is registered and is ensured normal activities.

As you know, the writer Zakhar Prilepin, popular in patriotic circles, created and headed the political party “For Truth” (Za pravdu) last year, and now he is preparing to take part in the State Duma elections, which, according to experts, will be held somewhat earlier than planned, possibly even in winter this year. On this occasion, Prilepin with his party members drafted and published an election program that attracted the attention of experts.

E ksperty suspect Prilepina party created by the Kremlin to replace the Liberal Democratic Party. The party of Zhirinovsky, according to, for example, Pavel Pryanikov, “played its part in 30 years of carnivalism in the field of“ Russian nationalism”. But the Kremlin does not intend to miss 15% of its permanent electorate. Probably, they will test for the replacement of the Liberal Democratic Party "For Truth" Zakhar Prilepin, look at her first public appearance - the regional elections this September. If the “Zapravdintsy” (those who belong to the party Za pravdu / For truth - ed.) catch the wave, the party will be developed further, no - they will start testing a new one...

Political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky in his article published in "Interlocutor" drew attention to the main provisions of the program of "zapravdintsi":

In the center is the intention to lower the retirement age by five years. (Which, of course, will not happen under President Vladimir Putin, and under his successors, if any appear to the world). And the loudest is the referendum on the accession to the Russian Federation of Abkhazia, South Ossetia and certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions (ORDLO), the very self-proclaimed DPR / LPR in 2014. Another party, “For Truth”, plans to completely absorb the union Belarus, imposing on it the general authorities controlled by Moscow.

Of all these intentions, the annexation of Donetsk-Lugansk can be considered the only relatively realistic one. Therefore, the on / on “fraternal” Ukraine once again became alarmed. Does a great writer reveal the Kremlin’s secret and immediate plans? Moreover, the former Prime Minister of the DPR, Alexander Borodai, recently talked about something the same. However, representatives of the official RF government, from deputy head of the presidential administration Dmitry Kozak to the first deputy chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Vladimir Dzhabarov, irredentist (rejected by such a clever word) plans. According to their version / opinion, the Ordlo is part of Ukraine, and Moscow strictly adheres to the long-suffering Minsk agreements. There is no annexation, you understand. Nevertheless, there is reason to believe that Prilepin’s statements have been agreed in the Kremlin. Which, while not formally departing from the Minsk book of books, thus presses on Ukraine: it is necessary to pass laws on the special status of the Ordlo faster, otherwise the frozen conflict will drag on for a long time. (...) And if Kiev does not rush, then Prilepin’s words will not excluded, although it would partly turn into Kremlin affairs.


Zakhar Prilepin will earn his election points anyway - it is possible that his parties will still allow them to enter the next Duma. Unless, of course, the writer realizes that his electorate is becoming increasingly critical of Vladimir Putin. And the “true truthists” will be graciously allowed to criticize the supreme ruler not as tenderly as it sounds today. It’s another matter that the Minsk Agreements, in their pure form, are still not feasible. Because between Ukraine and the Ordlo, and at the same time the Russian Federation - 13,000 corpses. And it is impossible to resurrect them, no matter what they decide in Moscow, Kiev and other respected capitals. This is a wound for years to come. This is the result of the war undertaken by many, including the brilliant Prilepin. A war is easy to start, but hard to end. She lives in the soul even when the body has long wanted peace. And the party “For Truth” should be renamed “For War”. So honest. Moreover, her leader in the DPR seemed to be a PR man, not a warrior. And PR on the blood can be quite a profitable occupation..."


Witty and sarcastic spoke about the party’s program “For Truth”, Prilepin’s colleague in the writing workshop - the famous writer and playwright Alexey Slapovsky:

Having looked in one case where I would never have looked, on the website of the Prilepin party “For Truth”, I first got acquainted with its program. She is surprising to many, but for me the most is the roll call with “Taras Bulba”, with the Zaporizhzhya Sich, which the great artist and paradoxical thinker Gogol portrayed.

See for yourself.

ZP :

With any changes in power, the existence of a national organization is necessary that can ensure the preservation of Russia - its political, territorial and cultural integrity. In the turmoil that swept Russia at the beginning of the 17th century, a third of Russia's population disappeared. It was known that the militia of Minin and Pozharsky saved Russia. Since then, trouble has come more than once. And every time we were barely ready for her. The militia must be permanent. We must create it. We do not rely on conformists. We rely on citizens. God exists"

Gogol :

The one who came appeared only to the koshev; who used to say:

-- Hi! What do you believe in Christ?

- I believe! - answered the comer.

“And do you believe in the Trinity?”

- I believe!

- And go to church?

- I go!

- Well, cross yourself!

The visitor was baptized.

“Well, okay,” answered Koshova, “go to that you know the chicken itself”.

This ended the whole ceremony.

ZP :

Expansion is diplomatic, cultural, political, linguistic, and military is the norm for self-defense and protection of our friends.


Our task is to influence the elites, to impose a change of elites, to replace the elite if necessary.


- What, Kosheva, is it time to walk the Cossacks?

“There’s nowhere to go for a walk,” the cat replied, taking a small pipe from his mouth and spitting it to the side.

- How nowhere? You can go to Tureshina or Tatarva.

“You can’t go to either Tureshina or Tatarva,” answered Koshova, taking her pipe in cold blood again.

- How not to?

-- So. We promised the Sultan peace.

“But he is a Busurman: both God and the Holy Scriptures tell the Busurmen to be beaten”.

- We have no right. If they had not yet sworn by our faith, then perhaps it could have been; and now no, it’s not possible.

- How not to? How do you say: we have no right? Here I have two sons, both young people. Still, neither one nor the other has been in the war, and you say - we have no right; and you say - no need to go to the Cossacks.

“Well, it doesn't follow that way”.

- So, therefore, it follows that the Cossack power should be wasted, that a person will perish like a dog, without a good deed, that there will be no use to him from his fatherland or all of Christianity? So what are we living on, what the hell are we living for? explain it to me. You are a smart person, it’s not without reason that you were chosen as a koshov;

Kosheva did not respond to this request. It was a stubborn Cossack. He was silent for a while and then said:

“But there can be no war”.

- So there can be no war? asked Taras again.

-- Not.

“So there’s nothing to think about?”

- And there’s nothing to think about.

“Wait a damn fist!” Said Bulba to himself, “you will know from me!” And he immediately put revenge on Koshov.

ZP :

We live in a world where today there are about forty wars. All who assure us that in the 21st century problems need to be solved in a civilized manner, in fact, they desire exclusively our surrender. In the concept of “civilized” we mean one thing : everything that contributes to the preservation, strengthening and expansion of Russian civilization is civilized”.

Gogol :

-- How! so that the Jews kept Christian churches for rent! to priests harnessed to the shafts of Orthodox Christians! How! to allow such torment on Russian soil from damned under-confidence! to do this with the colonels and the hetman! But this will not be, will not be!


Soon, the entire Polish southwest became the prey of fear. There were rumors everywhere: "Cossacks! .. Cossacks appeared! .." Everything that could be saved was saved.


Everyone knew that it was difficult to deal with a violent and abusive crowd, known as the Zaporizhzhya army. ... And often in those places where they could least expect them, they appeared suddenly - and then everything was said goodbye to life. Fires swept the villages; cattle and horses that did not hijack the army were beaten immediately on the spot. It seemed that they feasted more than they made their campaign. Now the hair from those terrible signs of the ferocity of the half-wild age that the Cossacks carried everywhere would have become a buck. Beaten babies, circumcised breasts in women, stripped skin from knee-length legs of those released — in a word, the Kozaks repaid with a large coin the old debts...


Having completed these amusing comparisons, Slapovsky writes:

“I will not bore further comparisons, read for yourself if hunting. The Gogolev Sich was a gang. Patriotic, or rather, nationalistic. In essence, the ZP party program is a program of created gang formation. For what? In order for Russia to live in the habits of the 17th century.

And no one considers this party extremist or terrorist. And the journalist Svetlana Prokopyeva was accused in the media for precisely a few calls of terrorist activity and public justification of terrorism. Eight examinations of her text, multi-day trial and sentence - half a million fine. And thanks for that, we could have planted it.

And then every line breathes both calls for terrorism and excuses for it - and nothing. The party is registered, it is ensured normal activities.


But in no case do I call for reprisals against it. For one simple reason - if you look closely, this party is absolutely partyy, like the notorious "Night Wolves", and the program text is an artistic text, although weaker than that of Gogol.

Never in my life will I call for punishment for a literary text. And that he is cannibalistic - well, the author thinks so..."