Posted 22 июля 2020, 13:04

Published 22 июля 2020, 13:04

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A cry for help was passed off as an advertisement: Moscow authorities are trying to ban the balcony protest

22 июля 2020, 13:04
The authorities recognized the banners against the renovation, posted by the residents of the Bogorodsky district of Moscow as an "advertising sign" and ordered to remove it.
Moscow region

In the Bogorodsky district of Moscow, residents continue to protest against the renovation of several microdistricts (4B, 5B, 8B, 37B) and falsification of public discussions of projects on the Active Citizen platform.

Lyudmila Butuzova

According to the results presented by the organizers of the discussions, most of the participants spoke in favor of the maximum high-rise buildings, the compacting of the microdistrict by three times and the expansion of highways under the windows of their houses. A class action lawsuit was filed with the Preobrazhensky Court of Moscow against the Urban Planning and Land Commission (chaired by Mayor Sergei Sobyanin) and the City Commission on Urban Planning, Land Use and Development under the capital's government. The plaintiffs (78 people) claim that the substitution of public hearings for public discussions on the AG platform during the pandemic violated the rights of residents of the area and allowed organizers to falsify the voting results in the interests of construction corporations.

The renovation program in the Bogorodskoye district includes 143 houses. The projects have so far affected only Boytsovaya and Malaya Cherkizovskaya streets, Rokossovsky Boulevard and Alymov Lane, but it is already clear that nothing will remain of the green and quiet area in the Eastern District of the capital.

It has not yet been possible to resolve the issue "peacefully" - through negotiations with the mayor's office and force and adjust the project in the interests of the district residents. Moreover, the Moscow government intends to approve the renovation project from day to day, ignoring the opinion of the people and the forthcoming trial.

- The situation in the area is heating up, - the municipal deputy of the Bogorodskoye district Ivan Khalezov told NI. - In the context of the ban on public events due to the coronavirus, we have very few opportunities to express our protest, but we found a way out. Residents are placing banners on balconies and windows against the anti-human project .. Balconies are especially densely decorated on streets that have gotten under the construction of broadband highways. But the whole area has already connected. Banners are everywhere, people are joining the fight for their area and comfortable living environment.

In the reportage "Balcony protest: Muscovites were not satisfied with the fake" discussion" on the renovation" (July 7 of this year), Novye Izvestia detailed what was happening in Bogorodskoye and how people were trying to turn their homemade posters "face" to the mayor's office so that finally there they saw and heard.

Yesterday deputy Ivan Khalezov contacted the editorial office: "Perhaps you will be interested in the reaction of the local authorities to your publication about Bogorodskoye?" Sure!

“The local administration really does not like the posted banners. After the publication of the article, the apartment owners simultaneously received an“ order ”from the Zhilishchnik district Bogorodskoye and the management company UNI-DOM demanding to remove them”, - Ivan said, - The text was written as a carbon copy, with the same spelling errors and threats “to issue a warning”, “to impose an administrative fine”... Well, perhaps the prison was not frightened for the “sign” placed on the balcony.

It hasn't come to that yet. UNI-Dom Management Company, represented by its manager E.A. Zhukovets, even made a conciliatory postscript “We hope for mutual understanding”, State Budgetary Institution Zhilischnik dispensed with curtsies - to remove these “signs” and that's all, since Moscow's resolution No. 712 of 12.12 was violated. 2012 "On the placement of information structures in the capital" and the Administrative Regulation on the provision of public services for the approval of the design project and the placement of the advertising product.

The people, of course, tensed, but how not to strain if they threaten with fines for improper behavior of their own balcony. Tomorrow they will force to remove the pot of flowers for non-compliance with the regulations, or, as he writes in the district chat. Natalia Miroshnichenko, “it turns out that the laundry on the balcony cannot be dried - it spoils the image of morality. There are no advertisements or banners: the beach towel just dries. Let them prove otherwise". Natalia Shepeleva remembered that on one of the balconies there was a banner with the words "sell" and a phone number. It hung for 3 months until the apartment was sold. Not a single dog in the area got excited about it!! It was hung there and there was no problem. And here they start running around all together!"

“In general, it was clear that Zhilischnik and UNI-DOM were acting on orders from above, trying to intimidate citizens,” says Ivan Khalezov. - The City Hall is completely unprofitable hype around unpopular projects. They need to convince the whole of Moscow that everything is quiet and peaceful around the renovation, the "Active Citizen" supports and approves of it. The balcony protest is like an eyesore. How can they remove it? We found performers from loyal divisions, for whom lying and intimidating is a common thing, some juggling with the minutes of general meetings of owners is worth something. This time, we quickly exposed the fraud. Firstly, the government decree "On the placement of information structures in the city of Moscow" mentioned in the "prescription" of the Housing Resident does not exist. There is a decree with the same number and the same date "On the placement of ADVERTISING structures in the city of Moscow". There is a clear description of what an advertising structure is. The information banner is not an advertising structure or sign. Secondly, the management company does not have the authority to impose any sanctions on the owners of premises. Threats are just a desire to curry favor with the city authorities.

“And here is our answer to the representatives of the cowardly authorities”, - Svetlana Lvova wrote and posted the text in the regional group, “one of those from 14 Boytsovaya Street, building 2, whom they tried to intimidate with a fictitious piece of paper. "Banner with the words' NO FIGHTING EXPANSION!" hung out on the balcony of my apartment, which is not the location or activity of any organization or individual entrepreneur. Nor does it contain information about any organizations or individual entrepreneurs. Accordingly, this banner is not a sign. I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the Rules for the placement and maintenance of information structures in the city of Moscow do not endow state budgetary institutions Zhilishnik of districts with any powers to control the fulfillment of the requirements for the placement of information structures (signs) and their dismantling. are subject. Signature. Date". Svetlana Lvova was also principally photographed on her protest balcony.

According to the deputy Khalezov, no one in the region flinched at all and did not remove the banner. On the contrary, people have become even more angry and resolutely refuse to change their green, cozy neighborhood for a concrete ghetto.