Posted 22 июля 2020,, 07:03

Published 22 июля 2020,, 07:03

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

"I'm not leaving!" Degtyaryov said that he will govern the region regardless the protests

"I'm not leaving!" Degtyaryov said that he will govern the region regardless the protests

22 июля 2020, 07:03
The interim governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Mikhail Degtyaryov said that he is not going to leave the post, because "there are a lot of tasks to work on". At the same time, at rallies lasting more than ten days in Khabarovsk, citizens began to demand that Degtyaryov leave the region.

On the first morning in his new position, Mikhail Degtyaryov walked to the building of the regional government and recorded a stream along the way.

"Those who shout: "Degtyaryov, go away!" I will not leave! Because you have to work. Lots of tasks. Ten days an edge without a leader. A stack of documents on my desk, a meter high, has accumulated on my desk. Well, if I leave, another will come. Therefore, let's temporarily work for now, as the president said, interim, and 2021 will show", - said the acting governor.

Degtyarev does not measure the attitude of people towards himself by rallies, since he himself has conducted many such actions over the years of his career, the official said.

At the same time, the social networks of Mikhail Degtyaryov, who arrived in Khabarovsk the day before, are torn apart by angry comments from local residents. Protesters outside the regional white house stretch out posters demanding to leave the region. Residents are outraged by the fact that the new acting governor did not come out to them with an appeal, despite the fact that those gathered outside the regional government building urged him to leave. Instead, Mikhail Degtyaryov drove past the protesters in a car, accompanied by riot police.

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Let us remind that earlier the mayor of the city Sergey Kravchuk did not come out to the Khabarovsk residents, as requested by the participants of the rally who came to the building of the mayor's office. According to local telegram channels, the mayor was not in the administration building on Saturday, a working day for officials. The first public appearance - and immediately with an interview - of Kravchuk took place immediately after the appointment of Degtyarev to the post of interim governor. The mayor managed to give an interview before the new interim head of the Khabarovsk Territory did. “This is a gross violation of political etiquette”, - writes the NEDEBRI channel.