Posted 22 июля 2020,, 20:39

Published 22 июля 2020,, 20:39

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Marshall Plan 2: Europe taught the world a lesson of solidarity

Marshall Plan 2: Europe taught the world a lesson of solidarity

22 июля 2020, 20:39
The decision of the leaders of the EU countries to create a fund for economic recovery after the pandemic demonstrated a new level of European integration and solidarity.

As you know, yesterday the heads of the leaders of the EU countries formed not only the budget of this community until 2027, but also a fund for economic recovery after the pandemic in the amount of € 750 billion, and this money was supposed to be borrowed in financial markets, and the debt was to be repaid by 2058.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced yesterday that the agreement is "a historic day for Europe". And the head of the European Council Charles Michel said: "These were certainly difficult negotiations, which ended in a strong and good deal".

German businessman Sergey Fedulov called this news a historical breakthrough, a kind of "Marshall Plan" for the post-era era:

“I will say right away: Achieved on the 5th (!) Days of negotiations (according to the plan there were 2) heads of 27 states of Europe, the Future EU CROWN FUND (and the EU Budget for a seven-year period) must still be approved:

  1. By the European Parliament.
  2. ALL parliaments of all 27 countries.

Only then does it become LAW.

(This is especially for Soviet "experts" and brekzyknykh kolkhozniki who constantly compare brilliant Europe with the USSR!)

New in this EU instrument:

  1. Its gigantic size: 750 billion euros! This is in addition to the existing pan-European (1074 billion) and national budgets and assistance programs!
  2. In contrast to the initial 500 billion in the form of non-refundable subsidies, there will be only 390 of them. And this is a historical fact: both because five small (rich) European countries achieved a reduction, and because the southern EU countries agreed to this.
  3. Instead of 250, there will be 360 billion in loans. That is, the total Crown Fund - 750 billion! Mainly Port, France, Italy, Spain, Greece will receive assistance - as the most affected by the Pandemic.
  4. At the same time, a compromise was found: the issuance of money and loans partly under, and partly without pan-European control, but for SPECIFIC REFORM PROGRAMS. Reforms and systems that improve medicine, make Europe more innovative and sustainable.
  5. Quite new: for the first time loans are taken not by individual countries, but by the EU as a whole! Therefore, the conditions for their return (due to the mixture of ratings of backward and developed countries) are very beneficial. But "common debt" is rejected by both country financial responsibility theorists and nationalists (rich countries). But - "europ. solidarity is more important ”!
  6. It's good that Britain no longer exists in the EU! Yes, we, Germans, pay for everything in Europe more than anyone else, and now we pay almost entirely to the EU budget and for brit (instead of 29-40 billion a year), but this is for a country with a rapidly growing economy (a green economy for which Europe plans to move completely until 2050, ed.) And with a GDP of 4000 billion per year - a penny.
  7. Europe is setting yet another example of skill for backward and nationalist heads. We are reaching a new and magnificent level of European integration and solidarity!